Abe visits Hiroshima to view landslide damage


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Obviously all the golf courses are closed on Mondays.

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Hongo, you are right. Playing golf is a lot more important for this man than saving people.

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"“We will do our best to have victims return to normal life as soon as possible,” he told reporters." didn't we hear this political rhetoric after Fukushima. Must be scripted to dole out to the media when any emergency occurs in Japan

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damn it hongo, you beat me to the punch!

i guess when your poll numbers are falling, you need to kiss a little domestic behinds.

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My poll numbers are falling?

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Are you people implying that Abe doesn't care about human life?

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Unless Abe is actually going to do something tangible for the survivors, what is the point of his visit besides good PR? Many Fukushima evacuees are still living in temporary housing.

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Hope he takes his check book with him! Although, he didn't take it to Fukushima when he went there, so he probably won't take it to Hiroshima either.

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Abe... landslide... damage.

Wishful thinking?

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“The government wants to closely coordinate with the local authority,” said Abe, who wore the light blue protective clothing Japanese politicians often don during disasters to signify they are part of the recovery effort.

The ones part of the recovery effort are covered in mud.

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When Abe started to play golf? I heard he only plays a sport he can win like shinai, Does he like a sport now?

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Abe promised to provide full support for the recovery of areas devastated by last week's massive mudslides in Hiroshima. Hopefully, he keeps his words rather just do the lip services to please the media outlets.

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@drakedogmaAUG. 25, 2014 - 05:02PM JST Are you people implying that Abe doesn't care about human life?


It seems that some people wish Abe ignore victims.

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If he wants to help, maybe he can hold some local politicians' feet to the fire and get them to actually create and finalize the disaster plans they were supposed to have come up with ten years ago.

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Hiroshima politicians did not cause landslide why Abe should hold their feet as if they ares going to be behaded?

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I donated 10K yen.... did I do more than Abe?

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@JogbL It has been private but if you can find, what Morinaga companies have been donating for any disasters. Hope you donated to victims, not donation collection orfanzations that pocket money in their profit.i

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Abe fails to visit victims of landslide and is criticized.

Abe visits victims of landslide and is criticized.

Some people are so dumb its almost criminal.

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Smh, it’s absolutely amazing; for some people, Abe iseems their god, idol or untouchable so to speak. Yet the fact of matters is that Abe has failed Japanese people, a big time. Why? For starters, Abenomics is showing sign of fatigue. At this point when factoring in soaring inflation, the trends of wages, of household incomes, of the labor market, and of consumption in Japan are all negative. surprised?

A big question is, does or does not Abe care Japanese ordinary people? Part of answer, I think , one can derive from his delayed critical response to Hiroshima

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Does he like a sport now?

I've heard that while he plays golf, he is also doing some politics. So, he may not be enjoying.

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You prefer food party instead of golfing as wannabe promoted come to talk to you. In private business, you can demote these guys but I guess big shot politicians have to listen to them. Golf is not popular by Abe type politicians,

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I think most people would hope for someone who sincerely cares about the people, instead of looking for another PR photo op. If the sincerity isn't there, better not even to bother going.

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The above photo of Abe does not look like P R photo. Hisa hands are on top of his knees. Not Oggasawar-Ryu for the leader of Japan. He did not pose for PR.

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