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Abe visits tsunami-hit region of Iwate


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday visited the tsunami-hit region of Iwate Prefecture.

Abe's visit to Iwate follows a similar one to Miyagi Prefecture two weeks ago and one to Fukushima late last year.

On Saturday, Abe visited a sake brewery and temporary emergency housing units in Ofunato. He then moved on to Rikuzentakata where he chatted with residents in another temporary housing facility.

Afterwards, Abe told reporters that he promised to speed up the reconstruction effort, TV Asahi reported. The prime minister said that many elderly people living in the emergency housing expressed a wish to spend their final years in their homes.

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There's a very interesting article on Rikuzentakata in the Japan Times about the rebuild and I personally hope that Abe and the rest of the LDP were treated with rotten tomatoes when they were there. Had they allowed the previous government to govern, instead of getting political on them from Day one the rebuild would be substantially further advanced.

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I really believe they made it worse. It was a time that the entire country, especially the politicians should have worked together. They can't even build a new supermarket in Rikuzentakata because the land they wanted to build on is earmarked as farm land. The shell of the previous supermearket with the three floors washed out is still there as a reminder.

The LDP spent a lot of the early stages questioning the governments response and calling for an election. This was a party who was in charge at Kobe, in charge for the JAL 123 disaster and they had the gall to question the response of the DPJ. 200,000 troops on the ground within three days, US help immediately accepted. International teams on the ground immediately. They made a difference. They saved lives. Compare that to when the LDP were in charge.

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Well maybe the LDP will let them rebuild now that they are in control of the finance as they will now be the ones to benefit from any kickbacks. Also, Tohoku would be a choice area for the LDP to push for construction of new nuclear power stations.

"We'll rebuild your town if you allow us to put a nuclear power station nearby." I can just hear it.

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@Heda_Madness, The LDP weren't in power at the time of the Kobe earthquake.

They were part of the coaltion though weren't they? But it wasn't an LDP prime minister. But yes, your point is valid.

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a similar one to Miyagi Prefecture two weeks ago

Politicians really don't make a big impression for Ishinomaki residents.The mayor of Ishinomaki went missing for a day after the March 11th tsunami. The mayor eventually turned up. Right after the tsunami Corokke Comedians visited Ishinomaki. Ishinomaki people always loved it when Norika Fujiwara visited. And, Sugizo from Lunacy stayed for ten days in Ishinomaki.

Do you guys remember the "town hall" meetings from 2001 through 2006? Well, sixty percent of the one hundred and seventy-four public meetings were staged by you know who, Shinzo Abe when he was chief Cabinet secretary for ex-PM Koizumi. Shinzo Abe atoned by cutting three months salary back in 2006 when he was a PM.

Ishinomaki people are wary about politicians because they weren't there when they needed them the most.

Corokke Comedians: http://komasta.jugem.jp/?cid=28

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Its a miracle, finally a trip worthwhile for the country. 2 years later and a lawsuit by the locals sure makes things moving. I wonder if they are going to make a Hotline for this problem!

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