Abe visits Univ of Southern California before returning home


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I am glad that he didn't visit more prestigious university like Stanford, Cal, Cal Tech or UCLA.

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It shows that there was no graduation abroad for this PM.

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What wrong with visting a school you went to when you were young. I commend him for doing that I think its cool

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He visited USC he attended, He did not forget where he spent his youth away from home. It is a lonely life for anyone who was shipped out to attend school in foreign country.

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Attent and graduate.

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He did not graduate. He was majoring difficult courses that need English skill more than tech related courses. Ir was the time $ ! = y 360. I believe he was in Long Beach and studying English later.

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My alma mater!

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@Superb: No Univ gdad call drop out people alma mater in any univ. Too many people attend short time. Ask anyone who has a ubiv degree.

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It looks like Ave's speech in the congress has turned into a comedy gold for the US press.


As noted in the above article, not just his extremely poor English that nobody understood, but what was funny was his speaking one sentence, then looking up to ask for a cheer/clap from the audience.. he gets it.. then he speaks another sentence, then looks up again, with his face demanding a stronger clap this time. Abe looked like a little boy giving out his school speech, noted the Wall Street Journal. The US media didn't even care much about Abe's visit, despite the much praise of Abe's diplomacy in the US by the Japanese media, notes the article.

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This is not related to this article but US lawmakers are very impressed on Abe trying to speak in his broken English/ If he spoke in better English, he would be treated like Israel and other dignitaries who looked like they concentrated in studying English than solving their countries problems. Don't forget he is sly. He had no problem of English in speaking in Silicon Valley.

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@ toshiko " Ir was the time $ ! = y 360."

The 360 yen per U.S. Dollar rate ended in the early 70s. Abe studied at USC in the late 70s.

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Is that why his nickname is botchan?

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Educat60: My parents were sending me for my children's education until 1981 in Bank of America in Newport Beach of CA. My children who attended in east, my brother sent to them directly. But it was 360 yen for a dollar.

At Univ I worked for, I heard Japanese man was majoring law in USC. It was odd Japanese was majoring law in So. CA then. I did not go such univ and I chose State U where no Japanese were there and close to Disneyland. Many students had Hollywood extra part time jobs. I got u job because no one wanted.

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Exchange rates are a matter of historical record. The last time it was 360 yen/dollar was 1971. The average rate for 1972 was 308. Around the time Abe was at USC, 1977/1978, the rate ranged from 176 to 288.

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What?! He probably couldn't get in to UCLA... Go Bruins!!

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@maitai: USC was prestageous then, Universities in So Calif accepted any foreign students, then Univ couldn;t case less of your English was poor or not. There were many Iranian students in So. Calif. State residents did not have to pay tuitions and only $5 a semester registration fee for any state residents. Japanese students usually choose a top U in area.

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@toshiko: I can't fully understand your message but SC is not bad. Just a little jab at the Trojans in jest since I am a proud alumni of its crosstown rival UCLA. If you follow college athletics and have ever attended a USC-UCLA football game, you would understand.

btw. UCLA IS a top U in the area. Very highly ranked in the world (even above Todai).

http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings/2014-15/world-ranking http://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/rankings

Several notable Japanese have attended, taught and graduated from UCLA.

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my two children graduated USC UCLA hospital, best in Western states. My eldest daughter is UCLA grad.

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Abe visits Univ of Southern California before returning home

One would think an UCLA education would've given Mr Abe a more balanced view of the world - but that clear doesn't seem to have been the case.

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