Abe vows to bolster ties with China

By Mari Yamaguchi

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And how many times BEFORE have Abe-kun driveled this?

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He brown-mouthing to get in on the Silk Road project, but will then go to Yasakuni shrine and stuff everything up.

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China responsible for peace? Ok hand over our Senkaku islands you have your navy there.

What money bag arrived on Abes desk..

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Bolster cooperation by building up arms, renouncing the peaceful constitution and sending ships to play cat and mouse with the Chinese navy outside of Japanese waters. What could go wrong.

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I am really nervous about this news. I would prefer to focus on winning the Trade Wars with number one ally, USA.

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Japan needs to divest itself from China, not increase ties.

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The future of Japan depends on China, as simple as that. Abe made a right decision at right time. Any govts should do things to promote friendship among people, not animosity. Only friendship can invite friendship.

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Mr China would be the lesser of two evils.

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Helping China in times of need is a good decision as that the leader of China will not forget Japan's aid. However, the problem is that will helping China backfire and cause Trump to hate Japan and take negative action against Japan? I suppose it also depends on what kind of help that is. Bolstering ties with regional neighboring countries is a wise decision regardless of who the country is. Whether strong or weak has little importance; what matters the most is the importance of maintaining peace and a prosperous economy. If PM Abe can maintain a balance on helping China in times of need and keeping good relations with America, all is good. You have my support. The world should be a friendly place for everyone; no reason to tackle one and another.

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China is just begging for help because their in deep losing to tarrifs from America. China pretends they will play nice but once they get the upper hand they will go back to blaming Japan for all their problems. This is a reaccuring process. It's not Abe's fault but I do think he's being naive to think China will ever consider Japan their equal.

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This is just talk. Nothing binding, nothing The second Abe cedes any territory to China, then we know something is truly up. Nothing else to see here.

The U.S. played nice with China and then China (being China) stole IP and pretty much that wasn't bolted down. I don't Abe will make the same mistake.

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Abe: "As soon as I finish sending this donation to Yasukuni, I vow to have China accept out products on our conditions as we continue to protect our markets without question. We will continue to insist they stop bringing up historical issues while putting more of an effort into reigning in North Korea and bringing about a resolution to the abduction issue, and finally we ask that they be quiet about me, personally, travelling around Europe and the world and demanding they put a stop to China's expansion as Japan pursues Constitutional changes that will allow us to rebuild our once beautiful army."

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China isn't demanding anything to Japan about historical issues. There's another Asian Country obsessed about that, and it's not China. The only true ongoing dispute is about Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, but both the Countries look able to overcome that for more important benefits deriving from a good relationship. Anyway, both China and Japan fear American interference, and this is the real threat to their relationship.

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Hoping this Abe-Xi powwow will stop the DOW from falling further .

If both leaders wants to be remembered in history as brilliant statesmen who are peace makers then they must invite ROC president English Tsai to unconditionally join the summit.

I'm sure the Asian Markets will hit the stars and will let the three leaders win the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of Trump and Kim!

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Typical speech by a leader about to visit another country. But actions speak louder than words. Can China finally forgive Japan and move forward? Can China accept that the Senkaku Islands are Japanese and move on? Can China remain quiet about Japanese leaders visiting Japans war memorials? If the answer to any of those is no then the problems that have restricted the relationship remain.

Trade is one thing but it is the differences that need to be addressed and overcome for any real relationship to move ahead.

Lets see what happens.

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