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Abe vows to bolster tsunami reconstruction by 2020 Olympics


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watching the timelines of abe's predictions is like walking towards the horizon....

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Haha, even more things by 2020? It would be great to see a list of all the accomplishments are due by 2020.

It's like the year of the Olympics is the year of the Savior (or so he seems to think) please tell me the Japanese are not so gullible as to believe all this.

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I hope the people will pledge to put 'muppet face' out of office, and live up to their words, come the next election.

Moderator: "Muppet face" is meaningless and lowers the level of discussion. If you mean Abe, then please say Abe.

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On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the disaster, Abe promised to rush decontamination work in irradiated areas near the plant to allow more residents to safely return home.

Key word being "RUSH". Abe has promised to rush decontamination work.... In other words do a crap cheapskate job of it, probably muddling it up even more. TEPCO has been doing rush jobs for 5 years and look how much good as been done? PFFFFFT.

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Abe vows to bolster tsunami reconstruction by 2020 Olympics

Translation: Once the Olympics are finished & the campfire where the documents are all burned put OUT, THEN we will look at Fukushima/Tohoku again, please bear with us ( that means ""GAMBATTE NE"" )

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If I had 1 yen for every time this Prime Muppet made another pledge I could BUY the next election. Stop making stupid empty promises.

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From the article:

Abe promised to rush decontamination work in irradiated areas near the plant to allow more residents to safely return home.

The decontamination work is at a crawl at best.... Even the robots they try to use to access hazardous areas ''die''. Can they really rush it without human casualties? Empty promises for sure.

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Empty promises. Let me guess, an election coming up right.

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Funny on how so many broken things will be fixed by 2020 if you are listening those people, there is the Japanese graal, 2020, the magic date which is auto-fixing all your problem, the smoke without the mirror.

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They will "bolster" by 2020?

Does that means they'll have meetings for the next four years, and then a week before the Olympics, they'll start "bolstering?"

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Talk talk talk... The money was there. They should have been 5 years into the reconstruction not 5 years into planning a meeting to plan a meeting.

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Yeah, yeah.... the same promise he's made several times, ensuring, in fact, that the term "Abe promise" means anything but that promise being met. I seem to recall the last time he promised this a contact lens factory being built in Nagoya, and highways in Okinawa, all with funds earmarked for relief for the Tohoku area. When that news came out he vowed again. In the bids for the Olympics he said everything was under control, and that the Olympics in Tokyo would be proof of Japan's reconstruction (of the Tohoku area). Now he's here to vow again, meaning once again that his previous vows have not been met.

Meanwhile, on another thread, he's telling us Japan cannot live without nuclear power (no 'vows' there, as we all know that means he would not follow through), so we know he's going to keep pushing THAT personal agenda.

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How conveniently timed

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“We will designate the next five years as a reconstruction revitalization period,” Abe said. “We plan to secure an ample budget to launch support measures to help disaster-hit areas stand on their feet again.”

And why did you wait three years after you took office to decide this? Right, a PR campaign.

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Abe needs to read today's National section of JapanToday.

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