Abe, in Diet speech, vows to promote aggressive diplomacy, raise pressure on N Korea


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Do we really need a agressive Japan? Do we? When we already have; China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and the USA!

There's no need for Japan to prove anything! You've prooved more than enough by just staying peaceful throughout the years!:)

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He's determined to get his war, ain't he?

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Gosh , just shut it about NK already....the election is won. Do something to benefit the average J folk in reality rather than just continually blowing sound bites about it.

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He's determined to get his war, ain't he?

Japan made money out of war in the 20th.century; WW1, the Korean War and Vietnam were all very profiitable. Some people (nudge nudge, wink wink) even made a profit out of WW2.

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Aggressive diplomacy? m not quite sure what that means or is? Sounds like a Volvo with a gun rack!

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The use by Mr Abe of the words "Aggressive diplomacy" , now I googled the term and what I found was quite disturbing. Also the alternative use of "Aggressive diplomacy" was Coercive diplomacy or Gunboat diplomacy whichever context you use those words seem to be so far away from Article 9 in Japans non aggressive constitution. All these terms have been used over the decades by different countries, and most resulting in conflicts, so I really wonder how Mr Abe translates that for the people of Japan and his quest for the revision of Article 9, or has he overstepped his authority. I only hope that this rhetoric is challenged not only in the diet but in the courts.

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Aaaaaaaaand right on cue, the failed economy is officially kicked to the curb and the tried and true militaristic approach is picked up.

When the proverbial murk hits the fan, it's best not to be in this part of the hemisphere.

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Its not intelligent to simply hope for peace without preparing for the worst as well.

Japan is a very odd nation when it comes to this topic as people don’t want an army, want a pacifist nation, but at the same time depend on a weakening power (the US) to defend them.

The US is now telling Japan to arm up and help them to help themselves.

10-15 years down the line we may need Australia, India, the US, and Japan working together for a common interest as China is so powerful around here.

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Abe is such a lapdog for the US

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Let's just have China, USA and Russia make the unnecessary sacrifices, and let Japan be the one to scoop up the war-spoils! Japan has always been good at lurking and pulling strings in the shadow!:)

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The issue in Korean Peninsula is first of all the 2 countries there NK/SK, next the countries bordered to NK, China and Russia. NK regime is challenging USA where is the farthest country from there. And Japan of Abe is just an intruder to this issue. Why Abe has to be so involved? Japan can't do anything without those neighbor countries actions but Abe wants Japan going further where he will be a troublemaker, a position he unfortunately can't figure out.

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Whatever you need to do to stay in power hey

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Those who think they needn’t have a army oughta pickup a history book.

See what happens to the receiving end side(s).

We are Homosapiens last I checked. The worst of the bunch when it comes to violence and cruelty.

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Abe began showing independence from Trump. He will be a power in Asia. Not Trump.

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Strikebreaker555Nov. 17 04:48 pm JSTDo we really need a agressive Japan? Do we? When we already have; China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and the USA!

And most of all...China. Which actually IS "aggressive" compared to Japan simply wanting to upgrade their defense capability.

There's no need for Japan to prove anything! You've prooved more than enough by just staying peaceful throughout the years!:)

Japan wanted to stay that way. But China's advances in the South and East China Seas, and North Korea's nuclear and missile advancement has changed the security scenario. Pointing fingers at Japan now is like blaming the wimp who is getting bullied.

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education minister Yoshimasa Hayashi gave final approval for a veterinary school run by Abe's close friend to open in a government-designated deregulated economic zone

A mistake in the article, obvious from the context - it is a government-designated cronyism zone, not a deregulated economic zone.

Abe should have deregulated so that anyone can open a school without ministerial approval, and then he would never have caused this problem.

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People who support Abe should know what was in modern history after ww2, the war in Korean Peninsula in the '50s and the Vietnam war in the '60s/'70s - Japan was utilized as a spot to be the strongest US military bases in Asia, Japan got a growth in economy from there and it could be good for Japan. But what about now? Trump wants Japan to spend more money to aid USA strategies, well, to impoverish Japan is what Abe going to do, if there's no controversial opinions from his accurate words.

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It will be interesting to see how Japan handles the balancing act that is the U.S - Japan alliance, combined with the emerging quad of U.S, Japan, India and Australia versus increasing cooperation with China. As an Australian, I watch with keen interest to see what Japan does and what we might learn from it and in particular, the consequences, negative and positive for trade.

In terms of relationships in the region, there is nothing more important to get right from everybody's perspective.

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Abe - the sad little mouse that roars and roars... lol

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