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Abe vows to seek talks with N Korea over abduction issue


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Davies, however, said he was confident Tokyo was “fully aware of the challenges and pitfalls of engaging North Korea.”

fully aware...? not even partially aware of the challenges and consequences.

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Korea aint giving those people back - they are all the leverage they have against Japan.

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Vow to SEEK something, eh? Anyway, Abe's a fool if he thinks NK will engage in any useful dialogue with him. The guy has talked about rescinding apologies for atrocities Japan committed, changes textbook history, more or less denies sexual slavery, defends his right to visit Yasukuni (and donates large sums to the shrine), and claims certain islands belong to Japan and he will defend that with force if necessary. Now he vows to seek dialogue on an issue the other side says is resolved? This is simply digging for popularity points.

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US seem jealous.

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I'd be willing to support Abe on this... just as soon as japan commits to arresting the (largely) mothers of abducted foreign children and immediately returning the children to the countries they were abducted on - otherwise, if I were a (say...) US politician, I'd consider any international political help in this matter to be tied to abduction issues in general.

I think japan needs to realise that being a glaring hypocrite on abduction won't encourage any sympathy towards Japan.

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Guys.... Turn the page!

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"But the trip has fuelled speculation Pyongyang was trying to cozy up to Tokyo at a time when ties with Washington and Seoul have gone into deep freeze over its nuclear and missile ambitions."

This sentence says it all. In all likelihood the abductees are all either dead or brainwashed to the point that they no longer wish to return to Japan. North Korea has done this before; threaten war to get aid, if that doesn't work then release some "new"information about a possible abductee sighting which leads to aid and more interviews with the Yokotas. In no way does North Korea want the abductee issue resolved. On the other side, long term Japan residents may also remember that Prime Minister made his political name by "confronting" the abductee issue and doing little else. With Abe's TPP policy threatening the very existance of some powerful people on the eve of a big election, you can bet Abe wants an attention-diverter.

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If nobody has quietly "advised" Abe to stay on-side and not get too far out in front of his security partners, they will very soon.

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There's a big election coming up here in Japan ... and Abe is flexing his "political muscles." He is promising a little of everything to everybody, covering all angles. Probably this talk at trying to free the Japanese abductees is just him blowing off some more hot air. Remember when a visiting Prime Minister Koizumi was told officially that North Korea was holding kidnapped Japanese ... he paled in color after that and quickly left North Korea. Japan did manage to get back a handful of kidnapped Japanese, including American Charles Jenkins ... but it has been stonewalled by the North Koreans ever since.

I would like to see Abe free even a few more kidnapped Japanese ... but if he will get all of them back, that is beyond belief.

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edojin: Abe won't get a think from the stubborn, foolish NK government, because he is as stubborn and foolish himself. You're bang on about the election angle. All of Abe's actions have done nothing but anger the young NK leader, and there is NO WAY NK would cooperate on the issue.

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During the US-SK joint exercises and NK's continued threats, all of them were aimed at SK and the US, almost as if deliberately leaving Japan out of the main dispute. SK has recently elevated it's anti-Japan sentiment to political and diplomatic levels creating a rift in a united front, It is my belief that NK has decided to take advantage of SK's actions which also support China with respect to Japan. There is no doubt that NK is not happy about the extent to which China has gone along with the US and SK, especially the Bank of China sanctions. The Japanese abductees issue is realistically, a long shot in terms of actually getting people back. However, it is a high value political issue for Japan, especially the Abe administration ad NK knows this, , making it a negotiable issue as far as Japan is concerned. Hence, hints and feelers were given to get this meeting going. Looks like time for a little good cop/bad cop routine.

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Abe. We are watching him. Abe wants to stimulate us but let's see who winds up loosing the games he try to play with us

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed Sunday to seek talks with Pyongyang in a bid to settle the nagging issue of North Korea’s abductions of Japanese, without risking its alliance with Washington and Seoul. ........... No matter what Japan does, Seoul will criticize Japan. Seou is not Japan's alliance right now. Abe wants bring back these abducted Japanese. He does not need USA approval. This is Japan's issue, not USA issue. It is time Japan will become a trusted humanity country in the world instead of war-happy USA. N. Korea has many problems internally. It really needs food help for its hungry people. Japan can offer surplus shot grain rice and even top ramen. 29 years old Kim will appreciate Abe's desire to talk. Surrounded by these military generals every day. He will appreciate to talk with none-military background Abe. Maybe he will visit Japan to enjoy Japanese food some day?

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