Abe vows to tackle economic, diplomatic challenges ahead of summer election


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He’s been saying the same things for a decade and nothing has changed for the better.

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Oh yes, he is going to do his archery tricks again.

You know, those arrows that never made it.

Business as always: promises, vows, pledges, apologizing, etc., etc.

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Sounds like the needle is hanging, repeat repeat repeat repeat. After 7 years, people still don't see he was the wrong choice? What does it take?

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Abe has the same problem as Trump. He has waited too long to do something about serious problems.

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Why does Abe have to use the adverbial "shikkari-to" in every sentence? He should broaden his vocabulary, methinks.

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Sounds like the needle is hanging, repeat repeat repeat repeat. After 7 years, people still don't see he was the wrong choice? What does it take?

I agree, that the opposition is so damned hardheaded, they will not work together and form one united group against Abe and his cabal. So, come election time, people say there is no real choice but to vote for Abe and his failed policies. And while it galls me, they are correct, as if they vote for one for the small opposition parties, they are almost throwing their vote away.

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Abe has the same problem as Trump. He has waited too long to do something about serious problems.

The difference is is that Trump doesn't have a clue what's going on, he just wakes up and starts firing from the hip

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Run out of arrows I see.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Monday to address challenges ......

For the gazillionth time....but yeah, Im sure THIS time will be different. Please vote Jiminto at the next ballot box so we can screw you just a little bit more. Yoroshiku....

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Under Abe administration the government cut corporate tax rate from 37% to 29.97%. For otherwise he will raise the consumption tax from 5% to 10%.

Who do you work for ?

12 ( +14 / -2 )


Awesome comment.You hit the nail well and truly on the head.The rate this country is going back to feudalism is mind-blowing.

10 ( +12 / -2 )

PM Abe vowed in 2012 that "Japan is back", and he has certainly got the country going again after years of economic depression and decline. Strong growth, record employment, Olympics, fiscal reform, standing up to the bully neighbors and increasing Defense spending. Lasting Peace with Russia is on the horizon. What more do people ask for?

Keep doing your best, PM Abe, stay the course. Japan truly is back as a power!

-12 ( +4 / -16 )

What the hell is he thinking/taking? Things have gone backwards under his watch. Taxes up? No talk of fiscal responsibility by his administration. Just retroactive policies badly thought through that cause more paper work with below par results. For gods sakes give him a empierial medal made of tin foil and retire him to one of those islands he can't get.

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Abe took the 10 Year Difference Challenge :

2009: "Blah blah reform blah blah economic change blah blah stability."

2019: "Blah blah reform blah blah economic change blah blah stability."

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From the photo there would appear to be a diverse cross section of old men yearning for their exorbitant pay check and a return to their youth. With a few very few brightly coloured token women tossed in. Can see a future of ground breaking cutting and future enhancement policies on the darkening horizon.

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I'm speechless!

would that he was!

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Abe's "diplomacy": Telling the Russians to hand back those islands 'cos they were ours first.

Abe's "economics": increasing taxation and spending even more of the taxpayer's money on things that don't bring a return.

Abe's "security": Changing the constitution to remilitarise the country and a return to Imperial Japan's prewar glories.

If this were a Monty Python sketch, Graham Chapman would come in and say it was getting a bit too silly!

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More short-term solutions to long-term problems - problems caused by his own party.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

He is definitely off him medications.

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Tackle away the 10% GST increase you're wanting to implement on September..

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No politician no matter left or right has a magic bullet to fix serious issues that involved other countries in your defense, other countries for your trading, trade war keeping Japan down in the 80, trade war now between America and China. No magic bullet exist.

Dont support Abe on several issues, but at the same time I appreciate the circumstances and loop holes you have to jump through in such a position. Before Abe, Japan's government changed PM like you would change your socks.

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So he's going to raise the sales tax and then "offset" it by pissing it away on yet another "stimulus package?" It's like a dog chasing its tail.

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Cut the fat.

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It's not like there would be an alternative

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sf2k Today 01:39 am JST

> It's not like there would be an alternative

And there isn't. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not. Abe and PLD are the only viable option Japan has today. That's what my childhood friend who lives in Osaka tells me.

The only political party with real liberal social democratic ideas is Komeito. That if they joined Koike's party they could give a real alternative to Japan.

The Left parties in Japan have only one common goal. Defeat Abe and PLD. Without thinking that once defeated it is time to govern the country. And that is what is really difficult. Because their policies are totally incompatible with reality. Something they have a hard time assimilating. For they speak only of beautiful utopias that cannot be achieved.

This is the uncomfortable reality. But simply reality.

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"...and nothing has changed for the better."

People have short memories.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

Abe vows to

stop reading after this and just roll your eyes and yawn

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