Abe wants more defense ties with U.S., Australia


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Chinese President Xi Jinping told the Financial Review that Beijing was also ready to increase defense cooperation with Australia,


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Countries in the Asia Pacific region must expand mutual cooperation and further deepen close economic ties to promote durable peace and stability in the area. This is the only best way out in the present circumstances.

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The whole region needs to be best friends. Conflict gets you no-where, is unenlightened and benefits no-one.

We should all be focusing on our commonality.

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China claims rights over Tokyo-administered islands in the East China Sea.

Stop saying "Tokyo-administered islands". It is also "Beijing-administered islands" for two years.

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Doesn't this really mean Abe wants deeper trade ties for his corporate friends to sell military related products, funneling some of the profits his way as political donations?

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warispeace: Yes, that's exactly what this means.

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who r going to attack Australia? new Zealand?

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The prospect of a stronger tripartite alliance could stoke fears in Beijing that Japan, the United States and Australia are ganging up to limit China’s increasingly assertive expansion in the region.

Beijing may be assertive to Tokyo. Not to Canberra so far yet. However Russia navy ships are approaching Australia north east coast right now. The response of Australia navy ships are going to greet them with wines and roses. Collin Class sub marines of Au navy are defective and there are no reliable alternative for underwater warfare for Australia. Even they can not defend their coastline right now. How can they help Japan for China or Russia aggression. Abe is so naive for trusting US and Au will defend for a few rocks .

Japan has been struggling with both Russia and PRC intrusion too. US has been observing Russia strategic bombers flying over gulf of mexico bay. Immediate threat is Russia right now. China may be later threat.




Hopefully US seven fleet will defend for Oz in case of worst case scenario. If US will not, Abe should forget about deeper ties with them. Talks and promises are different from the reality. US have fought with PRC back in 1950. However it has never and it will never fought with Russia even in the hawkish Bush junior term. Under Obama, it will be more unlikely.

Instead of relying on fair weather friends, Japan should make own nuclear missiles for deterrence.

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The other day, in China, Abe said Japan and China need each other...

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He's poked China with a big stick. Of course he's looking for protection

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Abe seems like just the kind of sly fox who would deepen these defence ties and then provoke a war with someone (China).

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ha ha. He got the cold shoulder from Xi, now he changes his act so soon. Went to China to clown but got scared. I think when Japanese look at Chinese, they see a people who are a bit rude or different and they look down on them, but they see a part of themselves also because of the shared DNA history language, kanji, buddhism etc. I really think they should kiss and make up after all the US and Europe, Aus. etc are polar opposites of Japan. The West really shares nothing in common with Japan with its conformist and collective society. Wasnt it Mao who said the individual is weak but as a group like a roaring tiger? And what is the Japanese saying, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down? I can see so much common cultural traits when I travel to singapore, hong kong, viet nam etc. The Confucious mindset is very different from the free individual in the West. They should stop bothering the rest of the world with their squabbles and recongnize that they are more alike than different

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"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday he wanted deeper defense ties with the United States and Australia to ensure peace throughout the Asia-Pacific region, in remarks likely to irk Beijing."

Boom! EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said that all those praising Abe for 'being mature (while China is not)', and being a 'statesman' (when Xi is not), and 'wanting peace', were merely praising a man who would turn around and prove it all to be the obvious lip-service it was.

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I dont get the diplomacy. He goes to China to make amends, seems to be a good move, then comes back and announces he wants stronger defense ties to the US and Aus. What was the purpose of the trip to China?

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Abe is playing a double edge sword, take what you can and buy time to gain more wealth. Use China for economics, use the US for protection. Why doesn't China, Korea, Australia, Russia, Japan and the US form an alliance for trade? The US wants to get out of the world police business, and China doesn't want that role nor Russia. Australia and Japan want trade, so rather than war why not trade.

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Abe wants so many things right now from raising its admin's rating to 70% and making abenomics work like a charm; can his wish to be realized? You are the judges.

Knowong one's wants is one thing and how to get there is a complete different ball game.

Here goes a reality check: If funding cuts (a.ka. budget sequestration in 2013) mandated by the US Congress continue, the US Army may have less 450,000 soldiers by 2019 from last years’ 530,000.

So Mr. Abe, pease do the math.

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Boom! EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said that all those praising Abe for 'being mature (while China is not)', and being a 'statesman' (when Xi is not), and 'wanting peace', were merely praising a man who would turn around and prove it all to be the obvious lip-service it was.

It is lip service. But bear in mind that this tripartite alliance framework was agreed to long ago as well as this upcoming schedule so in essence, this is what the three nations wanted and not just Abe. I'm also amazed that you completely ignore the statement made by U.S. President during the APEC summit where he stated that he opposed the independence of Tibet in addition to "..And more broadly, our conversations gave me an opportunity to debunk the notion that you suggested, Mark, just now that our pivot to Asia is about containing China.." You can add double talk and weak minded (caving in when he speaks about the host nation) as well.

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Of course, Australia and Japan have already strengthened military ties, including a possible Australian purchase of Japanese submarines that is worth many billions. But the significance of the meeting may be less about the substance of talks and more about the visible reaffirmation of the three-way alliance, with less determination to keep the meeting from Chinese attention. But China is an increasingly important economic partner of Australia for the resource-rich nation as the Chinese get richer. China’s demand helped Australia from a recession following the 2008 global financial crisis. Australia has growing economic reliance on China.

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Granted Australia does have a growing economic reliance on China, but Australia's greatest friend and ally in Asia is without question, Japan. And the US will always defend Australia, no matter what. They are the facts.

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