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Abe weighs skipping visit to Russia next month in favor of G7 summit


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I wonder if Abe is equally considering a visit to Moscow on the occasion of a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of the defeat of Japan in WW II? After all, Russia did attack Japan in that conflagration. And Russia has a few islands that were once Japanese, to rub it in.

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Abe should boycott Russia, its businesses and freeze assets.

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You're not getting those islands back, drink the tea.

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My goodness Abe is Trump's lapdog isn't he! He is the first leader who has stated he will go the US if there is a G7 summit. I really doubt the other leaders will commit to attend with the ongoing Corona Virus.

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Angela Merkel has already said that she probably won't attend Trump's G-7 meeting. Good on her.

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Please, nobody tell Abe that Trump has just changed his mind (again)!

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My goodness Abe is Trump's lapdog isn't he!

Well, don't forget, this was the first person who rushed off and flew to US to personally meet his new master when he won the election in 2016. He'd do anything, even roll down the bunker.

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Please skip Russia Prime Minister Abe.

Russia is leading Japan by the nose. They are playing games with Japan with fake promises of giving back islands they took illegally from Japan at the end of the war.

All investments in Russia should stop, look at a map please. Do you see Russia? It doesn't even look like a country on a map anymore. IT LOOKS LIKE A GROWING CANCER.

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At least when in USA he wouldn't have to wear his cute mask, because it's seen as political incorrect :-)

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Abe should boycott Russia, its businesses and freeze assets.

HAHAHAHAHA.... As an American who loves liberty, I still possess a realistic mindset. The answer to that question is impossible.

First, Russia does not have much assets in Japanese control.

Secondly, Russia is probably (secretly) the world's prolific energy producer with (secretly) largest resources in reserves in the world. The US is still unable to effectively sanction to weaken Russia as its resources are massive. Russian leaders have been successfully utilizing their resources for global instability and anti-Western sentiment. Recently, Russia surpassed South Korea in the GDP nominal table as it now stands 9th position. We have to admit that Russia is quite formidable than we thought, which they colluded with Saudis to wage a successful oil war that destroyed American shale ambition.

Thirdly, Russia is still the most technologically advanced nation in the world, equal with the US and EU. China still relies on Russia for its weaponry and science, and Russia is very cautious of Chinese spy threats. Japan is only tiny to the eyes of the Russians. The NASA still relies on the Russian rocketry for the American space programs. That reliance won't go anywhere soon. Russia currently lacks the manufacturing labor power and free trade to effectively re-emerge as the superpower state again. The West may have weakened and slowed Russia down. Unfortunately, Russians won't go anywhere soon.

Even his American masters still have a hard time with the Russians, Japanese leaders like Abe won't stand a chance. Russia will retaliate fiercely if Abe tries your proposal. These retaliative moves will be numerous: North Korean missiles will actually hit something, Japanese fishing ships will be arrested frequently in the Northern seas of Japan, energy sanction on Japan, more harmful terrorist acts,....

We still have to be realistic not dumbass.

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trump is buying Abe-Sans visit.

trump is a Certified Gangster now & as such needs to be kept Well Away.

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Abe is Trump's lapdog 

And then some.

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The NASA still relies on the Russian rocketry for the American space programs. That reliance won't go anywhere soon.

SpaceX has changed that. No more Russian monopoly.

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Isn't September the end of Shinzos regime, constatually? But it could be reinterpreted.

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G7 is not happening next month.

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No respect for RUSSIA ???. abe big mistake.

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