Xi tells Abe he hopes Japan will do more to enhance regional trust


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increase the peace!

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China just declared China-SK overall FTA agreement to console SK for meeting of Xi and Abe.

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The conclusion are:

China can make Japan to compromise by economy. The efforts to confront China that were made with India, Philippine, Vietnam become nothing.
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"We agree to disagree." What a GREAT starting point and accomplishment. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat with anticipation from the momentous gains that will result from this historic meeting! The Japanese press is as easy to please as a 6 week old puppy waiting for his master to throw a treat to. Lap it up boys, you can milk this story for days explaining the significance of this meeting and subsequent agreement.

I'm going to take the wife to Tokyo Disneyland this weekend and get a reality check as this seems to be the only place in Japan where you can come close to finding one.

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What the article doesn't mention is how icy the Chinese president remained and how his body language can be interpreted (no smile during photos, no response to Abe's dialogue). He has no intentions to improve ties between China and Japan.

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And China should also do more to enhance regional trust. What a bunch of stunning conclusions we have out of this.

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How many "first steps" has this been now? Honestly, I've lost count.

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That's it? That is the "meeting on the sidelines"? I guess Xi is showing how he can stand up to Japan.

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Take a look at the photo on BBC! I had to laugh out loud, photo tells it all!


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They should do something symbolic now, like exchange red coral necklaces or something... No, okay, okay, I'm glad they're at least talking.

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Also, do Chinese not realize that this just reinforces the image of China as a big, bad boy? So much for Chinese soft power.

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Abe should have said, "Right back at ya!"

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They should talk about how to unite the Koreans After all this time But then this is not Europe but just No2, No3, No4

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They met, host with a guest,no body hopes this is the end. Good news is China still wanted very much to listen and watch what Abe is going to say and do next...and next.

In "Be sincere,if not please do not ....." term, that surely deems fare to one begging not to be disturbed.

What ever happened during 1st encounter does not matter.

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Yes, the alignment and globalist plan is on course with Park leading an anit-US nationalist moves back to the favor of her descendent Han family from China, South Korea says it has agreed to sign a free trade deal with China that will remove tariffs on more than 90 percent of goods over two decades. Today with Abe another nationalist moved Japan a stip leading the nation to be under the China umbrella as suspected by the US think tank many years ago. US forces to pull out of Japan eventually in 20=30yrs is too long. I hope my country pulls out of Asia entirely. As long as China an Russia continue they can divide the spoils as was planned pre WW2. The US is not against China or Japan but dealing with a one nation umbrella is much easier on a global stage. Best of luck to Japan and seriously NO TPP. Economically while goods from China would benefit consumers for a short time it won't last as the quality in Japan is by far the best.

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They should talk about how to unite the Koreans

If North and South Koreas decide to unite, they can. Why would other countries have to talk about it.

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From the New York Times:

"The two men looked subdued and almost deliberately expressionless at the start of their encounter. Their handshake lacked the usual bonhomie between two leaders posing for photographers."

That is an understatement. It was a hostile handshake.

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So, Xi had to act this way given the fact that the CPC ramped up the anti-Japanese sentiment and rhetoric for years.

That being said, this is a huge political gain for Abe. Japan maintains its position on the Senkaku Islands, and he got a closed door meeting with Xi. Whether Xi is sincere about fixing relations is a different story, but its a symbolic victory for Japan who can now resume somewhat normal economic/diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.

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In the statement, Japan said it acknowledged differing views over the status of the islands, called Diaoyu in Chinese and Senkaku in Japan, a concession likely to please Beijing.

The differing views that the Japanese interpret are that the Japanese government thinks there is no dispute, whereas the Chinese government thinks there is a dispute.

The differing views that the Chinese interpret are that Chinese government thinks the islands are Chinese whereas the Japanese government thinks they are Japanese.

There already are differing views over differing views. I think this kind of play of words by bureaucrats will just redouble the problem.

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"“I believe that not only our Asian neighbors but many other countries have long hoped that Japan and China hold talks,” Abe said. “We finally lived up to their expectations and made a first step to improve our ties.”

Good Job Abe!, now, you are talking!

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And cue all the China-phobes coming out of the closet. I will say that China is a far from perfect country, but Abe has been a disaster as a leader, and certainly needs to give Yasukuni shrine a wide berth

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Both Abe and Xi are stone faced during meeting. Unlike South Korean counter part Ms Park, they are undiplomatic and insincere. As the host Xi should show at least warm welcoming gesture for his guest. Xi is rude and acting as unwelcoming host. Abe is also rude for not showing polite manner as leader of Japan. Picture speaks thousand words. Ms Park has killer smile and friendly gesture. She has already concluded two free trade agreement with Australia and PRC recently. She is professional, well polished and matured lady unlike them.

Both men are arrogant, uncompromising and unfit for the highest offices. If two leaders will lose their jobs respectively, South China Sea will be calmer, APEC will become warm and friendly and more tourists between two neighbors.

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Talk at all

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Daiso wants good Japan-China relations.

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China’s state Xinhua News Agency said that Xi urged Japan to “do more things that help enhance the mutual trust between Japan and its neighboring countries, and play a constructive role in safeguarding the region’s peace and stability.”

Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Sure, there is some truth in China's statement, but most of what Japan could do is symbolic. On the other hand, if China was really interested in "safeguarging the region's peace" it would knock off the provocative military actions it is taking towards Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. China is a bully and nees to be contained.

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Japan need to do more to enhance regional trust? It takes two to tango buddy!

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Much talk has been going on in Japan, about this talk, but all diplomatic channels in China says that as an APEC host, China was just being a good host to honor the Japanese request to meet - in other words, China was almost forced to do it out of diplomatic protocol. Nothing less and nothing more.

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Oh the irony..I guess all the suffering and dying Chinese must love their leader Xi

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China needs to be careful. Rememer post-war prime minister Yoshida's famous saing: 負けて勝つ! Win by losing! "Losing" can be part of a strategy to win in the end.

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All I can say to this is that it's a two-way street. There is a LOT China can do to end provocation as well, starting with constantly allowing patrol and then fishing boats into disputed territory (and it IS disputed) or even further into actual Japanese territory. Can't expect Japan to stop when you're not willing to.

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This meeting showed the matured among the two. Any objective eye can tell

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China needs to pull its poaching fleets out of others areas, stop the rhetoric, stop the provocative actions and words, act like a mature measured member of the international community, allow its people freedom of press and speech, stop the censorship and the repression of its people and normalise relations with its neighbours.

China is still miles off being a contributing member of the world.

Abe and Japan maybe a lot of things but they are none of what china is.

Personally I would rather live under Japanese law and rule as I do now, than under chinas law and rule.

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going green without nucs is their challenge

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The more I read about this meeting, the more it looks as if Japan has scored an own goal into their own net.

The Chinese are reporting that as a condition for this meeting, Japan has agreed to the two principles that were laid by China.

Japanese PM will forego the Yasukuni visits. Japan will recognize that the Sankaku Islands territory is a disputed territory.

In return, China's Xi, gave up a photo prop with Abe.

Whether or not this is true, does not matter. What matters is that those two supposed concessions from Japan, are what China is now expecting from Japan. And Japan doesn't come through, China probably will consider it as another back stabbing by Japan, and the relations will get even worse.

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After shaking hands they met for 25 min. Neither being superman the wall close to them will be there foe quite a while.

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glad for this. I think we will see the anti japan and china rhetoric die down in both countries in favor of getting back to growing economies. this is the power to influence and set agendas the people the leaders of states have.

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What I see in this video is Abe in a good mood and Xi in a bad mood.

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If people keep insisting that Abe is the good guy and Xi is the bad guy; that democratic Japan is the good guy and communist China is the bad guy, then why bother to want to talk at all. Some people also say that Abe will die of food poisoning or air pollution. Why doesn't he just stay at home and let the meeting just go on without him! Apparently, Abe knows too well that Japan and China must cooperate and grow together. With the new maritime Silk Road, the traditional Silk Road and the cooperation between China and ASEAN and China and Russia and China and SKorea, Japan will be left in a corner by herself. Even the ADB is threatened by its own inefficiencies. A few eels ago, I jokingly mentioned that soon 1 yen would be worth 1 Singapore cent. Well this might not be a joke after all!

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Asian2014. With all those silk roads. Etc etc etc. It wont really improve commerce. Freights are private and always go where needed. That mutual cooperation is always the same. Inexistent

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The two countries are mutually dependent economically, but Japan's trade is approximately 20 percent of their total trade compare to China at 9 percent. China will remain an important source for Japan, but it is dangerous to be overdependent on one country. In the last two decades, Japan has invested heavily in auto manufacturing plants, electronics companies, supermarkets and consumer goods in China because of continue shrinking demand at home. Japan want to defend their territory, but few would say to do so at the expense of business.

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In the face of international audience, Communist China uses its playbook well by putting fake smiling face forward. See, how many weer sold to this diplomatic ploy that lacks of substance. Japan must stand firms and be strong in all deterrent capabilities with eyes on long term goal of stability in civilize manner. Always watch out for this big bad panda.

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The Japanese fake smile is much more convincing than the Chinese one..

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Problem for China is that they will be importing 80 percent of oil needs by 2030. The huge rises in demand for oil and other resources are causing rising tensions between China, Japan and Southeast Asian countries voer East China Seas and South China Seas. The competition rather than harmony is increasingly driving the energy security policies of both countries, and that an energy-driven rivalry between China and Japan will intensify rather than abate. Sure, China depends on the continuation of rapid economic growth. Problem with China is that it relies heavily on fixed investment to produce growth that is extremely energy dependent. China sees securing necessary energy resources as a matter of survival, China's energy strategy is increasingly based on owning and controlling foreign petroleum resources in places such as the Middle East, Africa, South America, South and East Seas.

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Though Japan and China are neighbours and meetings between the two leaders should take place in an informal way as frequently as possible, this meeting on the sidelines of APEC in Beijing is historical in the light of mounting tensions between the economically strong two nations! Establishing personal rapport between leaders can go a long way in resolving political differences without causing tension which in turn can ensure undisturbed economic growth!

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Papi2013Nov. 11, 2014 - 12:11AM JST

Whether or not this is true, does not matter. What matters is that those two supposed concessions from Japan, are what China is now expecting from Japan. And Japan doesn't come through, China probably will consider it as another back stabbing by Japan, and the relations will get even worse.

That is the problem for China. Deceiving its own people will not do any good.

Asian2014Nov. 11, 2014 - 01:45AM JST

If people keep insisting that Abe is the good guy and Xi is the bad guy; that democratic Japan is the good guy and communist China is the bad guy, then why bother to want to talk at all.

Because he is a good guy.

sfjp330Nov. 11, 2014 - 06:54AM JST

Problem for China is that they will be importing 80 percent of oil needs by 2030.

Do you think China can freely burn oil when all other countries are fighting against global warming?

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Xi is rude and acting as unwelcoming host.

Xi has to host - that's part of his job. However Abe has given him little cause for courtesy. With luck Abe will be gone from office soon - and relations can improve

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APEC leaders are due to take up a Chinese-led regional free trade initiative despite American worries that it might distract from a separate U.S.-promoted pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

As a third guy, Japan can take use of the role to be a "real pivot" of Asia as being key member to FTAAP and TPP!

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Maybe they need to just set aside senkaku issues for a moment and try to look to other important issues first like trade and commerce, cultural exchanges, sports, student exchnages or scholarship, and so forth..talking repeatedly about the islands will just lead them nowhere.

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