Abe's adviser defends monetary independence


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The LDP is hopelessly lieing again. They think the world is stupid The LDP will appoint a puppet for BOJ chief. So no independence anyway. This will backfire Abenomics a big time. Good luck, Abe, Mr. Fool.

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G20 has just condemned competitive monetary easing policy,!? OK USA, Euro, China and now Japan, wait a minute thats the majority of the worlds economy. until the first three stop there printing presses then Abe has every right to tell them to go jump!

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G20 has just condemned competitive monetary easing policy. This applies to USA and Japan among others. Let's see if it will be followed.

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A bit of flexibility is necessary to manage internal short term economy, but claiming full monetary independence is meaningless on a global market. And Japan relies a lot on exportations.

The boomerang hits might be very painful!

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financial independence? I thought there's an international market unless we are still in the edo era

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"international monetary independence" wot dat???????

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I like how they throw around this term abenomics like it actually means anything or that it is something new.

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Fiat currency is for pirate central bankers to capitalize their profits

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Money should have some kind of standard of value.

Gold was by no means perfect, but while there was a gold standard, money values were much more stable.

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