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Abe's calligraphy wins plaudits in China


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and with the stroke of a pen........... Nice gesture Abe, recognizing the little people. A nice story for a change.

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You can see his characters by searching 安倍晋三 書道. Abe should have been a caligraphy teacher.

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At least he is good at SOMETHING

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Well I'll be... It is actually really legit and damn good. When his politics career ends, he should use his calligraphy skills to promote Japan or teach it.

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Being in that highest post and still have time to show appreciation of people doing lowly job is such a joy. If it were me, I'll have it laminated and displayed in my room.

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In terms of calligraphy, it is not so good.

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It's good handwriting, but it's not great calligraphy.

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