Abe's stance on next tax hike 'utterly neutral,' says Amari

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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He is not neutral on winning his next election...

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Is "utterly neutral" the politically correct term for "utterly clueless"?

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"The government, however, last month flagged a risk that the April sales-tax hike could have a prolonged effect on the economy."

Wow. How insightful. So THAT's why everything is more expensive at the cash register and I'm having to tighten the belt. Now I know. Who would have guessed?

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If Abe’s government decided to forego the planned sales tax hike in 2015, it should take steps to offset the lost revenue

= they'll find another way to screw the middle class.

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Wasn't there another PM who lost his post due to imposing a consumption tax?

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Sorry Amari, but I call." utter" BS. This is exactly the same PR strategy LDP employed before the first 3 % rise. They will spend a few.months pretending that they care about the little Taro and are " carefully.considering" and " deliberating" on.the decision before announcing that in.order to.keep.Japan,s growth.and fiscal.policy on track they will.raise the tax but fear not, they will.prepare " economy stimulus" measures to safeguard the economy against fyrther downturn. In.short, they will.fleece the public more so they can keep giving more.pork to their amakudari cronies and their.companies in the name of " protecting the economy"...it's.the.same.old pork barelling theft LDP has practiced for.decades and unfortunately the J public is too passive to get really upset about it and will.vote these leeches in again at the.next.election. TIJ, so frustrating.

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The central bank stuck with its massive monetary stimulus on Thursday and maintained its view the economy would continue its steady recovery,

What recovery? There has been no growth in GDP or employment, and no increase in wages. The economy is shrinking right along with the population. The only thing in Japan which has grown since 1989 is the Japanese government, government spending, government debt, and taxes.

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"Is "utterly neutral" the politically correct term for "utterly clueless"?"

That's still too pc. Utterly idiotic is more befitting.

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government is ready to roll out a stimulus package to limit the economic impact if it decides to raise the sales tax next year.

Absolute genius. They need to raise taxes so the government can have more money. But if it hurts the economy, the government will spend money to offset it.

Japanese leaders are cartoon characters.

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Why do Japanese put up with this guy and his band of thieves?

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I keep telling my company they need to increase my salary by 5% ( 3% to offset the additional tax hike, and another 2% so I can buy more to help stimulate the economy ), but they keep telling me there is no budget for that.

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The money from that next tax rise has been earmarked and spent already I reckon. A couple of roads in the sticks and a new whaling fleet.

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