Abe's stay at Trump resort a 'personal gift': U.S. official


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Could be a very expensive treat; then Japan has to invest billions, import billions and $/Yen goes to 100. Trump is tough!!!

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The tax"payers" of Japan thank Mr Trump for his hospitality. O-MO-TE-NA-SHI

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The Japanese delegation must be careful what's said while at Mar-a Logo, walls have ears.

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This illustrates an important difference between the US and Japanese constitutions. Under the US Constitution, if Abe were President then receiving this personal gift would be an "emolument" from a foreign government, and could lead to his being impeached. The purpose of the provision is to prevent exactly what mr_jgb points out -- that the President would be inappropriately influenced by the foreign government. The Kempou doesn't have any such provision for removal of a PM, or that says this behavior is wrong in any way. So he's free to sell us down the river for the personal gratification of believing that Trump is his friend.

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Japanese constitution? Abe is nt head of Japan. Emperor. It is unconstitutional if ayone tries to give anything to Emperor, not even one page of a note.

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When does the anti-bribery law go into effect?...Oh, its already in effect? Could have fooled me!

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