Abe's U.S. trip set for April 26-May 3


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Hope Abe doesn't do his own "Netanyahu" and start causing aggro with his platform.

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There are like half a million Koreans living in NoVa near DC. Hopefully they will not make it a political issue.

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Will there be any public appearances?! The wife and Inwould like to see him and show our support!

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@avigator. They won't just stand by though. I'm wondering if the Koreans in LA will cause a stir. Or perhaps the Chinese up in SF. Lots of anti-japanese, Asian-Americans in the US.

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avigator: " Hopefully they will not make it a political issue."

Why? He's making a political visit to the US, is he not? making political speeches, including his 'commitment to peace'. If he's nothing to worry about on his stance then what is the problem with people making noise and asking POLITICAL questions? The article itself states:

"While Abe has pledged to uphold the apologies issued by previous governments, he has equivocated on a number of issues, including ordering an inquiry into how a 1993 apology for the treatment of women in Japanese military brothels was issued."

I hope very much it DOES become an issue and Abe is asked about sex-slaves point blank. Let the world see him for whom he is.

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In addition to talks in Washington, Abe will tour Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles during the April 26-May 3 trip,

He will visit Japan friendly cities. He lived in Long Beach quite a while. Hope those cities do not ignore Abe. MLB games will ignore him. And Obama must be busy practicing chopsticks. Also safer than former cowboy states.

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