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End of S Korea-Japan pact undermines bid to assess N Korea threats

By Hyonhee Shin and Tim Kelly

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Time to withdraw all threats, sit down at the negotiating table as adults and talk turkey with a cool head. Bottom line: pride vs safety. Let’s see what they choose.

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Moon's behavior suggests that South Korea is run by a crazy man far more than North Korea. Unless the destruction of the US-JPN-SK alliance is exactly what he is seeking. In either case the South Korean people better wake up and get his a** out of the Blue House.

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At this point, I would t be surprised if Japan nullified the GSOMIA effective immediately instead of waiting until November.

The U.S. hopes of tri nation alliance was simply a pipe dream. Sorry Ossan

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It's a shame Moon is burning all the bridges SK has benefited from just for the glory to be the man to secure peace treaty and reunification of Korea. You all know Xi, Putin and Kim is behind Moon's behavior and pulling the strings and dictating the terms.

After all the bridges have been burned, Moon has nowhere to retreat and that's where Russia, China and NK has him cornered. Peace treaty and reunification under DPRK terms.

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So who here said Japanese ppl wouldn't be attacked in Korea? That the travel warning was a knee jerk reaction? Or maybe the Japanese deserved it due to ww2? Well it just happened...time to boycott SK...

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Unless the destruction of the US-JPN-SK alliance

There is no such thing as a US-JP-SK alliance.

It never existed, and it never will.

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The United States incurred about 40,000 dead and 100,000 wounded, and the many UN Command nations from around the world paid the price to ensure that the ROK would not end up like the DPRK. South Korea is a nation where lying and betrayal is the norm, from their national leaders down to their internet trolls. Utterly disgusted with this pathetic country.

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