Asia weighs risk and reward in Trump 'bromance' with China's Xi

By Ben Blanchard and Philip Wen

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"There are competing instincts within Trump pushing him in opposite directions," said Joshi.

Huh. That's putting it mildly.

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I don't know what Trump and Xi are up to, but I bet Abe is fuming that he is not Trump's BBF in Asia.

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"Bromance"? Goodness.

As with everything else, the bad ship Trump is rudderless and the single, brief meeting has done nothing to change the dynamic between the two nations for good or ill. The Donald simply has no idea about domestic or foreign policy. About the only "success" one might credit the administration with is the somewhat successful wag-the-dog missile attack on Syria.

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Xi's China has been the true enemy of Southeast Asia and Australia. Watch out.

It's even funnier to think that Xi has been the one to meet leaders like Trump and Duterte, and both have even toned down their rhetoric..

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Xi's China has been the true enemy of Southeast Asia and Australia. Watch out.

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While pointedly snubbing German Chancellor Merkel, the leader of both a strong democracy and an important NATO ally, the Idiot-in-Chief has been verbally embracing dictators from all around the world. Very, very bad.

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