Japan faces end of World War 2 anniversary in shadow of coronavirus

By Linda Sieg

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Let us pray that the world never again goes through such a horrible time.

Growing up, evidence of the war was everywhere, and we were on the winning side.

One could not travel without seeing survivors who were missing limbs. When I traveled to Germany, it was ten times worse. It seemed like every adult I talked with had a story about the war, as a combatant, a POW, a survivor of a death camp, or as a civilian in an occupied country. They are almost all gone now, but their memories are still with us, as they should be.

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A lot to think about. The horrors and stupidity of nationalism, brutal colonization, the ridiculous idea of ‘divine‘ people, indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians, dropping nuclear weapons on innocent people, making excuses for horrific acts or rewriting history to claim they never happened etc.

Not a day for taking sides.

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Never forget this act of genocide.

America was willing to use back to back to back nukes on Japanese until they came too their senses

When will America come to it's senses?

75 years of blowing up and killing Asian people and refusing to acknowledge their hypocrisy.

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Not a day for taking sides.

Good job I'm not, then.

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"It will probably take 100 years for Japan to move out from the shadow of the Second World War."

Yes, when the great-grandchildren of the young war generation and the victims have passed. The Japanese have, nevertheless, been remiss at post-war fence-mending owing to the external circumstances of the Cold War and the domestic agenda of the Japanese ruling classes to deflect any blame and criticism of their predecessors whose right-wing ideology was instrumental in brainwashing the Japanese people to serve as cannon-fodder for imperialist delusions.

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Toasted Heretic: "Good job I'm not, then."

I like how Jimizo does not address you whatsoever but you have to jump on and deflect from your last comment which absolutely DOES take sides, or did you address Japan's role in WWII at all after taking an article about Japan coming out from under this cloud and blaming the US for everything under the sun?

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And? It's the anniversary of a LOT of things, all clouded by the corona virus, and is Japan the only nation that faces the anniversary of the end of WWII? or just the only nation that denies what happened?

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Losers,do not write history, others write it for you, I am an American, I am not a nationalist,but Japanese brought this beastmode,to itself, America was willing to use back to back to back nukes on Japanese until they came too their senses

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