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Animal rights becomes key issue in Japan's general election


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Sounds like mental health services are required for the crazy people who do such pet “hoarding”.

Sad that poor let’s are required to be microchipped… sheez

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Animal rights is an important issue? Says no Japanese person I have ever met!

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Reiwa Shinsengumi is seeking permanent public animal shelters, a ban on the commercial sale of live animals at pet shops and improved living conditions for livestock.

I just hope Reiwa Shinsengumi gets power in the upcoming election to expand its influence.


Protecting the rights of other thinking, feeling beings can only be a positive.

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Passing laws is one thing. Enforcing them is another.

There is a cat killer in my area, but the police refuse to do anything about it unless someone can get him on video actually killing a cat. They refuse to investigate, refuse to search his house to see if he has a trap to catch cats, refuse to do anything.

The only thing they did was remove a poster from the police station warning that animal abuse was a serious offence.

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Require microchipping and offer free spaying/neutering. The number you need to cull will reduce.

Given the lack of apartment space and general urbanisation, I'd assume that smaller pets like hamsters and guinea pigs would be more popular in Japan. But it's the only place I've seen people taking their pet monkey for a walk, so nothing would surprise me.

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Many of the so called hoarders have compassion and feel for the animals because they do not want them put down.

What needs to be done is regular follow ups on those buying pets, because they get bored and abandon them all over the place.

We rescued an abandoned rabbit. Became a very good friend.

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Not PEOPLES’ Rights or Foreigners’ perhaps?…but animals.

Sounds about right these days, I guess

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I agree with this law. My local home centre has kittens and puppies inside cubicles. Absolutely crazy. Never buy pets. If you're sure you have time, space and a sense of responsibility, go to the animal shelter instead.

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Never buy from a pet shop!

Check out ‘Ark’ in Japan.

Help out an abused animal…

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It's a good start.

They can continue with the HUMAN rights.

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Look up SALA NETWORK to save an animal.

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I believe SALA NETWORK shut down.

it’s really too bad. I adopted from SALA. Best dog I ever had. Cried my eyes out when we had to have Odie put to sleep.

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