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Another LDP lawmaker quits over nightlife visit


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These LDP politicians have such great communication skills they have to pay women to listen to them in their free time? That's sad. Luckily they have lots of tax payer money to spend on paying for company.

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If there's one thing about Japan's politics I've come to despise it's this kind of thing. And there's far too much of it, based on the misogynistic upbringing of Japan's males. I don't think they'll ever grow up.

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These politicians say they will take actions if these places do not respect the curfew, but go themselves to those places.

Last year, it was a fuss about giving the name of pachinkos. That’s made me laughing. But why the name over night establishments is never mentioned. It protects the politicians or what.

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wasn't there a law passed fining us peasants for not agreeing to isolate after being found positive.. shouldn't he have to pay a hefty penny too?

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The words 'nightlife visit' really should be written inside inverted commas! Especially when it refers to these old LDP politicians.

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LDP = Luxury Dining Party

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Just another day in the life of the LDP. Japanese need to vote party and not individual to get rid of the LDP in the next election.

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Poor Guy, this would have gone un-noticed in normal times, he must have been desperate for some massage, blame it on COVID/ WORK stress and you may get away with it like many others these days!!!?

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Shirasuka, who was accompanied by a woman

This is as close as they’re going to get to saying that she was a call-girl.

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Get a real job!

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Absolutely correct. "Rules for thee, not for me".

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He's probably dining out on all the Chinese Casino bribes that he tool last year


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Oh, this happened for the first time, he could not have known the consequences... Not!

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Can anyone explain why these people are going out wining dining and whoring on our dime, and a bow and a step back from the limelight for a while is the only penalty

A pound to a penny this seedy get has been offered any number of board memberships this morning, through strings being pulled in the amakudari network.

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 I don't think they'll ever grow up.

Could it be that they are coddled and cosseted as children, infantilized by a regimented education system, tossed into the meat grinder of daily toil and overwork and debilitated by sexual repression resulting in so many otaku and other "bonsai" variants of humanity?

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Rotten to the core.

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Japan has wonderful aspects but let me ask you why it is just this week that vaccinations are starting? 50 other countries have already started, this week Malaysia is also starting its vaccination program. Japan same as Malaysia?

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It's also curious that even Japan claims to be in a state of emergency, and have imposed penalties and rules to force bars to close by 8pm, still then there are establishments which are still open after that cut off time. It's not enforced, So to some extent I can't heap the blame on an individual, but the flawed system with a massive stench of hypocrisy.

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Surely it’d be easier for everyone if they just built and staffed a couple of hostess bars within the Diet building. If nothing else, they’d save a fortune on expenses.

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Another one bites the dust. Japan is not a real place, I swear! Everything here is so comical. The levels of immaturity and irresponsibility these people display on a daily basis is appalling at times.

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Not a fan of stupid lockdowns, but a big fan of knowing who pays for these boys parties?

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If me, have the hostess come to your home. Case closed.

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LDP = Luxury Dining Party

For sure, since they are neither liberal nor democratic

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What will the real wages of sin for Takaki Shirasuka be? Will it be like in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" whereby Shirasuka is tossed into the Inferno of hopeless independents where all he gets to eat are leftover bentos? Worry not for poor little Takaki Shirasuka. The LDP will let him dry out for a few months and then quietly let him back into the party. The LDP are good old boys.

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They should check the age of that girl.

Some membership-only kousai clubs in Roppongi/Nishi-Azabu area is known for tricking girls as young as 13 to serve to their members. Nothing good happens in those clubs, which depending on the club, are also major centers for drug trade, and cocaine use in some of those clubs are common as well. Those clubs have no websites or any advertisement, and you can only get in via an invitation from an existing member. Many shady things happen there, and many girls and woman are exploited there.

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Your tax yen at work. And who is deluded enough to believe it is limited to these sacrificial suits?

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