Anti-Japan protesters damage U.S. ambassador's car in Beijing


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Many Japanese will be happy with this news. China is looking worse and worse. If I were Japan I wouldn't do anything aggressive towards this "fleet" that's coming. Give people enough rope...

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This was predictable - it is intended to drive a wedge between Japan and her stanchest ally, the USA. Next, look for terror act on Japanese soil.

The banners in China are calling for the spilling of Japanese blood on the streets of Tokyo. Don't believe me? Check for yourself. They are also now burning US flags.

China will begin insisting that other countries support her claims, or face mob violence.

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Yep...attacking a U.S. embassy vehicle -thats surely gonna help their cause.

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The plot thickens

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Any Chinese person that goes to these protests is STUPID AS A BAG OF HAMMERS!!! 81 years and they can't egt over the fact that it's over. These stupid Chinese bitch about the past yet when you ask them why they copy Japanese trends, fashion and products and try to profit from it which hurts Japan TODAY, they get all angry in your face and bring up the past.

To them I say SHUT UP you stupid little $hit throwing monkeys with stolen and copied technology. I hope I have sunk to their level so they understand me. :P

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The Obama Charm Offensive has spread from North Africa, through the Mid East and now wows the Chinese. Mission Accomplished, Barry.

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From today's news on JT, I'm really sure Japan's puppet situation with the US.

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Can't take these guys seriously.

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The islands are tiny rock outcroppings that have been a sore point between China and Japan for decades. Japan has claimed the islands since 1895. The U.S. took jurisdiction after World War II and turned them over to Japan in 1972.

I think China never got that memo,

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2012: watch Communist China implode from the inside. Its about time. The country needs to be split into 10 or so minor states, not dissimilar to all the xxx-stans in Central Asia.

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China hates anyone that's not Chinese, they need wake up and smell the propoganda and learn to hate their own government.

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Clear headache for C-government who has remained reluctant to take decisive actions for containment. Trust and hope they remain fully able to within seconds. Apparently the farthest their J-scapegoat strategy has ever gone in light of the scale of the organized demonstations and damages caused, probably entering unknown territory for C-government themselves. Amid the continued silence of J-government (whether it be calculated silence or mere lack of policy), hope none of J-people incl Ishihara says or does anything equally stupid in the meantime.

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And this is without a movie...

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Now the PRC is upset that the US will back-up Japan if China declares war.

It's about time that Japan do away with Article 9 of their Constitution arm up and scare the hell out of China!

China is a bully who's military is a paper tiger, if you push them they fall and start crying.

Time for Japan to really arm up and retake their place as a World Superpower.

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