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APEC no place to discuss South China Sea: Beijing


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...because China's vassals Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are not members and cannot help kill a draft statement criticizing China like they did at ASEAN...

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“There is no plan to discuss the South China Sea issue.”

China doesn't want any multi country discussion about the South China Sea where they can't control the dialogue or dictate the outcome.

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"The best place to discuss this is in the editorial section of one of our state-run newspapers or in the comment section of one of their websites. We find in these locations a more productive dialogue results."

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The nations affected can argue about fishing rights around the artificial islands which is an economic issue.

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China needs to be spanked, I hope the TPP hits them were it hurts.

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Get real,..no better place and time to discuss any or all ASIAN ISSUES is at the APEC SUMMIT like throwing things out in the open and like getting response。

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There is a full-grown elephant in the room, but you are all ordered not to notice it, and to talk about other things.

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APEC no place to discuss South China Sea: Beijing

What South China Sea? - Beijing

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An Asia-Pacific summit next week should not discuss rising tensions in the South China Sea, Beijing said Tuesday

If not there, then where, for Pete's sake?!

The Chinese government must be collectively smoking crack to think this ridiculous dance they've been doing around the issue of their unilateral territory grabs in the South China Sea isn't obvious to the rest of the world.

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Because China owns Cambodia, China can hobble the rest of ASEAN.

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“APEC is mainly a platform to discuss economic and trade cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region,”

Freedom of sea navigation is big in trade

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