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Asahi Shimbun employee suspended for 1 month over gambling scandal


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That raises even more questions:

Why don't they publish the name of the offender?

Are this majong meetings the source of all the leaks of the prosecutors?

Is the majong the standard procedure for embezzle the authorities?

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But did he win or lose?

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The employee played mahjong for money on four occasions in April and May with Hiromu Kurokawa,

I have never heard of anyone here who actually played mahjong for fun! Pretty damn selective in who you choose to go after!

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Oh no ! a 1 month suspension that's a mandatory social distance. I'm betting he can't place his questions nor get answers for a month. Oh No, what exactly has changed?

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I like Asahi to inform for how long they have been playing, how offend, and anybody else in Asahi who play games with staff from the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office or similar offices.

If we remember back to Carlos Ghone, the Prosecutors denied any leakage to the any newspaper (including Asahi) but it was wet like after a Taifun. So basically everything Asahi reported from that case was a copy-paste from the Prosecutors office.

Asahi, Shame on you!! However, i am sure other main Jp newspapers are in the same game.......

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What they should've done was play for matchsticks - and then at the end of the game exchange the matchsticks for cash. That's perfectly legal isn't it?

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Japanese government is asinine in its position with gambling. Allow it legally for NJS Keirin racing, allow it for boat racing, horse racing, pachinko, and lotteries. But oh no, anything else is illicit and corrupt to society.

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I don't really see how this is a scandal for the reporter. Reporters getting in close with politicians will enable them to get more inside information.

This seems like a scandal for the politician to me.

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Whatever it is, this reporter showed us that in japan, u cannot have real reporters and politicians situation.

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