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ASEAN summit begins online meetings with regional leaders


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What language will they use?

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This should be fun! A bunch of conservative, unimaginative, lazy, good-for-nothing, OLD, nationalistic leaders sit down and discuss.......WHAT? A common currency? Nah! United defense treaty? Nah! Common labor practices that would allow workers to enjoy similar levels of worker protection and safety? Nah! Environmental and CO2 reductions! Nah! What a joke this is!

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Palm oil greases many palms.

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Spot the odd ASEAN leaders out..Its Malaysian PM not elected by the people.He grab the power thru back door

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What language will they use?

$US dollars and US sanctions put on hold.

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Please remember, we must stick together. We are yellow and very proud on it.

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Remember, stronger neighbors also makes you stronger.

Don't let other countries and regional organizations divide and conquer you.

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A separate meeting of participants in a trade initiative backed by China is scheduled on Sunday, where the leaders are expected to ink a free trade agreement covering almost a third of the world economy. The initiative's members are the 10 ASEAN nations, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Not much point in trade agreements with China. If a nation does something China does not like they get "punished" with sanctions after sanctions. They make up reasons for the sanctions to make it look like it is not against agreements but that is a BS smoke screen. China's sanctions on numerous Australian trade goods this year is case in point. So much for the free trade agreement in force since 2015.

China should be locked out of trade agreements until it acts civilized.

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