Asian economies discuss trade pact amid rising protectionism

By Mari Yamaguchi

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increasingly protectionist United States

Japan has been protectionist since 1946! By the way, wanting equal and reciprocal trade is NOT protectionist.. Its FAIR

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The Japanese are calling for free trade?

Matbe they should reciprocate more themselves, for a start!!!

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Abe said "all of us in Asia must unite". Obviously he is supporting Akie's idea of the united state of Northeast Asia, if Abe didn't lie. The united state of Northeast Asia is a core for a united Asia. Japan can play an important role in the process, unless Japan rejects that role.

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Japan seeks to take leadership in shaping the pact as an alternative to a Pacific Rim free-trade grouping that Trump abandoned early this year.

That doesn't show much confidence in the TPP, compared to before....

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What is Japan afraid of, with a one on one free trade agreement with the US, that is fair to both countries.

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All hail Japan, that paragon of openness, that exemplar of fairness and reciprococity, which is now going to unilaterally disarm itself, by getting rid of the multiple levels of regulation (kisei) overkill and no longer indulge in blatant gamesmanship on trade. The vocabulary of regulation here provides a glimpse of how markets are totally governed by a web of regulatory controls and procedures designed to curtail their free operation. Horitsu, Seirei, Shorei, Tsutatsu and Kisei, then under Kisei there's Kyoka, Ninka, Menkyo, Shonin, Shitei, Shodaku, Nintei, Kakunin, Shomei, Ninsho, Shiken, Kensa, Kentei, Toroku, Shinsa, Todokede, Teishutsu, Hokoku, Kofu, Shinkoku. Plus there's Naiki, and Gyosei Shido and Jorei. So many, many, many varieties of regulations and restrictions, that attaching English equivalents becomes problematical.

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Japan has refused to sit down with the US to work on an FTA. It seems Japan wants free trade, but only strictly on its own terms. Good luck with that "aim to play a leadership role." LOL.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday called for an early conclusion of a regional trade pact that ensures free and rules-based commerce in the face of an increasingly protectionist United States under President Donald Trump.

Why does the RCEP countries not invite the US to the meeting, after all the meeting is about America's so called protectionism.

"Let us be as one and achieve a free, fair and rules-based market in this region." So said the Prime Minister of Japan.

This makes me laugh as Japan for the last forty years has been and is one of the most protectionist countries in the world. Many cunning trade barriers set in place to protect Japan's home markets from foreign imports.

Abe is tap dancing. Trump will see thru this cunning ploy. Trump will not be pleased.

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