Asia learns to live with Trump rhetoric, but unease remains

By Ken Moritsugu

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Historically, military plans and invasions are never publicly announced beforehand.

Both sides are bluffing.

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Burning BushToday  07:23 am JST

Both sides are bluffing.

Exactly. In this regard Trump is no different from Kim Jong Un.

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The world has had to learn to live with his bombast and rhetoric. The people of the US are getting fed up with his crap too!

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Yes, Trump is a complete phoney, but could be a very fatal phoney killing of human civilization because his ego is more important than anything.

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Learning to live with that slightly deranged neighbor who pees in your garden & shouts at passing cars. Sometimes you need a wall.

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You doubt whether his words will ever be put into action."

And let's hope for all our sakes that they won't.

But who knows; all that domestic unrest and the "Russian thing"- a war would suit as the perfect distraction.

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Personality-disordered people - and perhaps in particular narcissistic personality-disordered people - do not usually feel distressed about their behaviors, often even in the face of considerable difficulties in their personal, work or family lives. Trump is driven by his need to feel superior, to be the center of attention, to be right, to be applauded. He is not fit to be president, not just because of his narcissism, but because he is also not knowledgeable about the office he holds, not curious, not willing to compromise, and does not seem to care that he is only representing one small part of the American people, his "base."

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Trump is a great president, except for the fact that he is corrupt, incompetent, a sexual predator, a narcissistic psychopath, a traitor to America, a Nazi loving racist, and an obsessive liar. Other than those few personality disorders, he is a great president.

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People of the world ! It's time to start ignoring the US president !

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Heads or tails. Who's the craziest.

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No fan of Trump and I think his twitter tirades are juvenile, but it amazes me how focused people are, particular the Western media, on blaming him for this situation getting out of control. North Korea was and is going to do what they will, no matter what Trump said. They have been testing weapons for decades. They are determined to go nuclear. They have stated that continuously for a very long time now. What is that people fail to understand about that?

N.K thinks, although I fail to see how, they can have a force comparable to the U.S. That is now a stated aim, which is no saving grace for them considering a single Minuteman III missile dropped on Pyongyang kills at 2-3 million instantly. There goes there only city of any importance. A few more, and its over. North Korea is a tiny country. The U.S is 100 times the size of North Korea. Texas is 6 times the size of North Korea.

There entire posture is one based on self preservation and a thinking that because they have nuclear weapons, they can somehow pressure the U.S into abandoning South Korea and Japan, but its a crazy idea. There is so much more at play for the U.S than North Asia. There reputation is an ally is on the line, globally. They are not going to allow one idiot in a country of absolutely no importance on the world stage dictate U.S policy. Its fantastical thinking.

The only outcome for North Korea on its current path is abject poverty and becoming surrounded by increasingly powerful nation states, likely a nuclear armed South Korea, along with a far more powerful conventionally armed Japan OR they can abandon their nukes and full back on the protection of China and Russia under a conventional scenario and some sort of expanded protection under the U.N. I doubt even South Korea and Japan would be happy with the U.S attacking a conventionally armed country that would represent no threat to them at that point.

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@Yubaru "The people of the US are getting fed up with his crap too!"

Interestingly from my more neutral point of view as a conservative Democrat, I see Trump's popularity rising. The news is starting to unearth a lot of the negative aspects of the Obama era. Such stories about Obama were completely absent until recently. If you just read Yahoo News, CNN or NYT you are completely out of touch with American thinking about Trump.

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Dont you guys have anothing better to do then hate on every jt trump article?

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A joke for it is: a dotard and a rocketman playing Russian roulette "Made in China" with only 2 audiences (SK and JP) and the others went away from that "bluffing game" of no circumstances to table talk!

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Dotard Don is all talk.All huff and no puff.

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Dont you guys have anothing better to do then hate on every jt trump article?

The topic is of much importance, given that many of us here are living in the region and are appalled at this drive for a cataclysmic war which could result in the deaths of people that we care for. And ourselves, of course.

Trump's rhetoric is no better than his DPRK counterpart and neither come out smelling of roses but the key difference here is experience. Kim has been schooled in the ways of his father and Kim Il Sung before him. There is a wealth of knowledge there. Trump has zero experience and/or knowledge of global affairs. Both are narcissists and used to getting their own way.

It's a recipe for disaster. What's your take on the situation?

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Asia learns to live with Trump rhetoric, but unease remains

Really? Rocket man is Asian.

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Trump speech of destroy Kim and N Korea was taken as declaration of war by N Korea. Then when US bombers. began flying. near. N Korea shore, N Korea stated it will shoot. Bombers were on international air zone but it seems N Korea believed Trump started War.

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Some time ago, Trump. weeted that e received message from US intelligence Agency. that Iran tested ICBM capable of destroying Israel. US. Intelligence Agency just announced Its satellite shim never caught data of such activities of Iran and never announced such story to anyone.. The spokesperson said. Agency will announce anything they want people to know. It said. Please. Ignore anyone claiming they got info from us.

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Flying bombers near N Korea. Asians might. shift their sympathy to N Korea.

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