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Asia-Pacific stability depends on success of ASEAN code of conduct: Kerry


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lets hope there is not all that oil under the sea, the windmills will really seem a silly affectation if there is that much fossil fuel to be had!

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Kerry scores on his own naive agenda in talking. Communist China talks bilateral, acting unilateral, and avoiding multilateral thus twisting international legal principles for self interest. Only when it hits the wall, the bully might adjust its course.

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ASEAN works by consensus and is slow to formulate a unified stance on touchy issues.

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The situation in South China sea can't be much clearer than this. China is trying to project power by avoiding the public eye, using the same tactics as classic american gangsters. Imagine Capone gathering all shop keepers in Chicago to one meeting in city hall where he offers protection. Why did he prefer to go to one shop at the time for a private conversation? Maybe the Chinese political tactics are inspired by old movies. And of course if you can't scare them in to submission you can always try to buy them off with humongous investments.

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Government officials have as their first responsibility the safety of their people. The highest levels of government must communicate and hopefully work toward prosperity for all. Peace to all and solutions require honorable, humble leadership from all sides.

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Asia-Pacific stability depends on the US 7th Fleet.

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