Aso says BOJ's aggressive stimulus should be appreciated


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How can the people appreciate non stop printing of money out of thin air and call it,"aggressive stimulus."

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Savings and income are devalued, and the price index has gone up. With the sales tax hike, it's even better. For Japanese traveling overseas, they can really feel how poorer they got, compared to pre-Abe.

Aso, thank you. You are a great Aso.

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This ass hole forgot about the tax hike that went into effect on April's Fool's Day.

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Well, mate, if the BOJ's aggressive stimulus was working, I'm quite sure it would be appreciated.

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While out and about doing routine shopping since the tax hike, I have noticed higher than normal prices on certain items in the food stores. What are the real prices anyhow? Can't understand why some things are priced higher and others are priced lower than before. Abenomics has really screwed up the whole price structure. Wish the guy would have gone fishing the past year ... and stayed out of the inflation picture ...

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The tax hike was a great excuse for companies to raise their prices, and thus instigate inflation with a scapegoat. We who have been living the dream in Japan have had it too good for too long, time to come back to reality. Taxes.

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I think the cycle of cutting prices again will return (especially for discretionary items) as people are really going to have to be even more careful to cut spending with more limited budgets. This 8% tax just sets up a viscous circle.

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