Aso's staff say he 'misspoke' about some G-7 finance chiefs supporting Brexit

By Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Aso's stafff says...why? Aso was not available for immediate comment, now its weekend...wait till Monday.

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Aso, 75

THAT should explain it all!

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A(r)s(h)o(le) , he always talks through his. Gobshite !

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This guy's amazing and shows all the ills of Japanese politics. A silver spooned moron whose previous blunders include

It (the pronoun) is the future of Japan's economy - He should have said IT (information technology) is the future of Japan's economy.

His public misreading of Kanji is legendary.

William Pesek had a great article about what an idiot Aso is a few weeks back. People should google it.

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Aso is a very popular and well respected politician who worked his way up in a meritocracy.. He is widely considered to be an extremely intelligent, rational and highly competent individual.

Oh, Sorry, I misspoke.

What I meant to say is that Aso is a widely despised and disrespected politician who was born into a life of privilege. This means that even though he is thought of to be an unintelligent, irrational and highly incompetent individual, he was still able to become Japanese Minister of Finance after having already been fired as prime minister when his government were fired in a national election in 2009 in a protest by the people.

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Aso - one of the foot-in-mouth legends of Japanese politics! I was expecting a nugget of gold from G7 - and he delivered!

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He only "zoos spoke" this time? He wasn't "misunderstood"?

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senility ?

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I bet you right about now Aso is praying no one remembers his suggestion about what old and senile people should do in order to help the nation's problem with the burden of aging.

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A wild guess, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, repeated private conversations with Italian finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan and Ignazio Visco, governor of the Banca d'Italia among others.....Really didn't need repeating at a press conference though, one sake to many....

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It (the pronoun) is the future of Japan's economy - He should have said IT (information technology) is the future of Japan's economy.

I always thought it was ex-PM Mori who made that gaffe. But then again, these two buffoons (no offence to buffoons) are like two peas in a pod.

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financial leaders had expressed support for a British exit from the European Union,


“ it would be good if Britain remained in the EU,”

That really is some misspeaking

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It would be a US pressure.

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Tina: Aso's gaffes are because of USA pressure? lol Thanks for the laugh Basically he said the opposite of what Abe told him to say. All of his 75 years experience of talking (ok lets say 74) coming to the fore there...

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I really can't see where the US fits in this story. Other than as some people in Japan's favourite bogeyman.

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Tina: Aso's gaffes are because of USA pressure?

From the fact that his comment had to be changed into the opposite, and the fact that Abe's comment toward UK was almost identical to Obama's, I suspected there was some pressure.

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Applying the word "misspoke" to any of Aso's statements is simply redundant.

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Lacking a Donald Trump or a Silvio Berlusconi, we make do with what we have: Aso Taro.

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I don't really care what a Japanese thinks or doesn't think about the rights of the British to determine their own future......

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There's that word again "Misspoke"

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Also, was known for his misspeaking every day that LDP had to get rid of him every position he earned. He has been protected by his aides for several years but he is back to himself now.

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