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Assembly member in affair scandal may have misused public funds in lawmaker's campaign


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And yet people still vote for the LDP, or vote for people because they are/were celebrities, or even because they are the off spring of a celebrity or politician. Utter madness.

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The LDP strikes again.

I have lost count of the number of scandals this year alone.

Gosh, people can be very tolerant.

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it almost seems like one of them wanted to get caught

I'm guessing that Ms. Imai wants a ride on the tama no koshi

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This is the problem with democracy.

If David Beckham had stood in 2002, not so much now, he'd have been elected, no problem. He's a brand.

It's like a fat, ginger guy from a popular TV programme being elected US president...

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Don't allow celebrity non-politicians into politics. In whatever country.

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apparently they also stayed unnecessary nights on "business" trips together

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Why, if you're a married politician, would you hold hands with your coworker in public?

It almost seems like one of them (the one who wasn't married?) wanted to get caught.

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