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Auto industry urges Trump to hit brakes on proposed car tariffs


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I think that the USA should look at each country case by case with a sliding scale for import tax. In other words countries which have a small decifit in relation to cars have less import tax.

In the case of Japan, imprt tax on Japanese cars would be 100%.

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I trust in Trump, And am sure Japan would be granted an exception to auto tariffs. It would be smoothed over by Trump and PM Abe. Japanese-USA relationship is stronger than ever, and Japanese companies hire tens of thousands US Citizens.

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Trump has ordered Commerce to investigate whether auto imports pose a threat to U.S. national security

After the Putin meeting it's obvious that Trump himself poses a greater threat to US national security.

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The farcical Donald J. Trump couldn’t care less about U.S. national security ... his path to self destruction is being coached by his master in the Kremlin.

Donald J. Trump continues to make every possible effort to undermine U.S. national se- curity with his senseless diplomatic and trade policies.

Sooner or later his dossier held by Vladimir Putin wil surface and we will know who the realDonaldTrump is.

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Two scams that need to be pointed out and eliminated before we go on about tariffs -

Welch said the tariffs would push the average new-car payment to $611 a month from $533 a month (over 69 months on average).

So now it takes six years before you own a car. Wow. That's just nuts - $42,159 for a car after all is said and done, and some folks want a new one after month 48 or so, and roll over that debt to the next car loan (debt trap).

Get rid of the chicken tax (no that name isn't a joke) and those assoicated NAFTA provisions that's effectively protected US auto market from any foreign competition of light truck imports for well over 55 years.

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BMW is already considering reassigning production of a couple models to China from South Carolina in response. Their plant there is even larger than the one in Stuttgart, and is responsible for about 20,000 jobs and the presence of over a hundred affiliated suppliers, many from overseas. Jobs increase national security; poorly-targered tariffs threaten it. It will be impossible to calculate the potential losses to the US economy from companies that choose not to locate there in future because they see the government as unpredictable, unreliable and untrustworthy.

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Goodbye Toyota, the only Japanese company that is doing anything. Abe, do your job!

hint mr abe,...threaten to close all us bases and sanctions will stop.

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It's already happening- many electronic car parts from China have already had their US Tariffs increased by 25% as part of the first round of US/China trade war. You can expect to see this reflected soon in increased prices and costs for probably every OEM that assembles cars in America. To American readers, hope that you aren't planning on buying a new car anytime soon.

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I am an American of Indian descent and I support Trump on this issue, it is about time for US now or never. At least he is getting it some attention but its a whole different thing whether he has the full strategy to wage and win the tariff war where it is fair to allies and us. Our congress is sold out and so is the media and people are getting dumber and dumber as they do not objectively discuss anything good or bad except to protest and profit aimlessly for small politics.

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Japanese cars are generally very good overall and efficient. German cars are hyped up and cost an arm and leg over time (recent ones). I call German engineering BS and they absolutely suck at UI and software development (all European software...SAP is an example). Japan seems to have a problem with competing with Germans in sports luxury segment (old man's Lexus wont cut it). Germans do have M3, S4, RS4 e.t.c. WRX is a great value in budget performance but it is showing its age. I do not like anything Detroit pumps out in general....hideous cadillac and ridiculous and wasteful trucks. Ford RS is good though....Japan and US needs to get into M3 and S4, RS4 segments....instead of tariffs, I hope Detroit steps up quality in both design and materials and compete with Japan and Germany.

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