Ban asks Japan to help in South Sudan


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Sorry but this is ridiculous. This country (Japan) has enough on its own plate now and this guys should be fired for this. Bankimoon stay on the moon. This guy is clearly trying to stir the pot and embarrass Japan. Sudan is hundreds of years behind at the moment and still burns people alive with voodoo dolls.. My own Japanese wife would be kidnapped in an hour flat for ransom if she walked out of the airport there.

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You know, international govt aid is a form of welfare for most of these African countries. When people stay on welfare for too long, you take away the incentive to better oneself. It's no wonder these country can't pick themselves up. Japan, China, Singapore, South Korean ad Israel built themselves successfully ground up. Africans should do the same.

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U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday asked Japan to dispatch military engineers from the Self-Defense Forces to South Sudan to help with nation-building efforts as part of a U.N. mission.

Ah, now we know why he really came to Japan.

Hang in there!

UN should take a hike.

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My own Japanese wife would be kidnapped in an hour flat for ransom if she walked out of the airport there.

I don't really think the UN is asking your wife to be dispatched to Sudan - unless she is a military engineer?

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Dispatch engineers to Tohoku first. Jeez.

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From another site and well within the memories of some people who read the news:

The Self-Defense Forces were winding down their activities in the region during our visit. Their initial search and rescue phase and the recovery of the dead ended July 1st when the tri-service taskforce headed by Lt. Gen. Eiji Kimizuka was disbanded. During our visit, the SDF's key role at that time was providing relief to the most isolated and needy of areas, as well as bathing facilities. From today, the start of August 2011, the individual units are wrapping up their work as evacuees move into pre-fabricated housing and become more able to take care of themselves.

So the SDF military engineers have made the pre-fab houses and baths. And are free to do humanitarian work elsewhere. Despite what Kitazawa said. Also, most reconstruction in Tohoku is going to go to the highest bribe, er, bid by private construction companies, not free SDF labor.

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so now we know what is the real intention when he came here. ban, you are useless rubbish!! REALLY HOPE japan will just ignore this. south sudan is full of oil reserve they can survive.

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Kitazawa did the right thing in asking Ban to wait until the Tohoku disaster is taken care of. If the Liberal Democratic Party were in power ... guess they would continue their "yes man" dialogue and send some engineers to Sudan ... engineers who are badly needed in the earthquake-, tsunami-hit areas. Ban visited those destroyed areas in northern Japan, but his mind must have been elsewhere ... like in Africa. Didn't see a thing here that registered in his mini-brain ...

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How to pea off China. Disrupt their oil supply from Sudan. This would be dangerous step for Japan to take...

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What a great timing, linking it to his visit at the nuclear disaster stricken area two days ago when he came with his hands empty.

I often think on what is UN for.

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There must be some crude deal behind Sudan (sorry for the pun)

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Sudan needs to help itself. Japan is already busy trying to rebuild its own shores.

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Ban first made his request to the defence minister who declined to send military engineers to Sudan at this time as they are needed here, so Ban follows up with the same request to the prime minister along with a little bit of flattery.Just what part of xxxx off did Ban not understand

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Not an appropriate time to at present..

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This is ridiculous, South Sudan chose to secede from the rest of the country, landlocking itself and causing all sorts of problems for themselves.

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So sorry! We have tens of thousands homeless and entire villages, towns and cities destroyed. Charity starts at home, so sorry!

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South Sudan chose to secede from the rest of the country,

After 17 years of war, yes, they voted not to be on the losing end of genocide. And the Japanese SDF is NOT helping rebuild Tohoku - that should be left to the Tohoku people. After all, charity starts at home.

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