Bank of Japan lifts growth outlook; keeps easy money policy


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The central bank also reiterated its pledge to continue its easy monetary program in a drive to achieve two-percent inflation for "as long as it is necessary".

Oh please just drop this nonsense already..nobody in their right mind believes BOJ will ever achieve their pie in the sky 2% inflation ...After 8 years its time to admit they failed..( thank God )..then again TIJ.

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The last thing I want is inflation in Japan. Guaranteed salaries won't rise, and as such, inflation would be a death knell to the already fragile economy.

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Japan’s 2% inflation goal has about the same chance of being achieved as my winning the lottery goal. It could happen but probably won’t. Especially as I don’t play!

Admit they failed? When was the last time the Japanese government admitted to failure? 1945?

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