Ex-Myanmar diplomat says junta envoy should be barred from Abe's funeral


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A former diplomat dismissed by Myanmar's military junta for his opposition to last year's coup has criticized Japan for inviting the head of the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo to former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's state funeral.

Japan's LDP is so desperate for recognition of its internationally inconsequential but domestically disastrous fallen oligarch that they turn to murderous Third World dictatorships

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Disgusting. LDP in a nutshell.

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The rep from the Myanmar junta will no doubt be among good company celebrating their fond memories of Abe.

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Unless this ex-government has any capability to retake their country and has the real backing of it's entire population ( including army and police and their families), i don't see why we should shun Myanmar. Whole Asia doesn't. Every Asia country still has diplomatic relation with Myanmar government. Why should Japan be the exception then? If we shun them, they will just run toward Russia and China anyway.

Reality is that the coup succeeded and they are now the real government running the nation. That is now a fact. People need to be realistic. If these residents have a problem with that, then they should just return back to their country and fight for it. Oh wait, they don't dare. They are hiding behind us and expect to drag us into the mess with our neighbors.

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He has a right to attend. Abe’s administration did very profitable business in Burma.

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