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Beijing seeks to balance anger and control in anti-Japanese protests


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First the protests were planned and encourage and lightly supported by the government, so all the damages to the embassy, the carnage and chaos that destroyed hundreds of Japanese businesses as well as to the Chinese working in these businesses costing the country millions and now, the protesters are NOT allowed to protest and Beijing wants to resolve the issue or at least manage the issue in a calmer way???? In that case, shouldn't these people and the government thought about that in the first place instead of causing innocent people grief and pain loss of money, goods and property?

My God, what is wrong with these people?

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Seems like every time this happens the demonstrations and violence escalates just a bit more. One of these days...

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China has change its tones, hasn't it? At first, it was saying that it couldn't stop its citizens from expressing their opinions in their own way. Now this. Beijing has started seeing its own dish being overdone. Clearly, the cooking smoke didn't annoy the Japanese much but has started getting in their own eyes.

The Japanese seem to have learnt from its own mistakes last time (the fishermen incident) and been consistent during the whole show: ignore it. The J gov hasn't turned to tough talks but never shown any signs of giving in. As the general election is approaching, the DPJ can't really afford to look weak again.

I wonder if this is a sign that the official level talks have started behind the scene.

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"But citizens could turn on their own government if they felt it was acting passively on Japan or if they began airing other grievances, said Barry Sautman, a China analyst at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology."

Let's build a military outpost on the islands and see what happens. Might even be the best thing that could happen for the Chinese people.

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There's a term called "China Risk" among business community and many were wondering what this was exactly. No need to hire expensive business consulting firms to explain this. China themselves managed to explain this very well to the global business community.

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Actually, many people around me think China's government is not strong enough to fight Japan from the beginning.

So far most of gov cars are Japanese branded cars. Of course, I am asking our CPC (gov) leaders and miliatary leaders stop buying Japanese branded cars. Why don't we buy Chinese branded cars, German's, American, South Korea's?

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Some of the demonstrators carried portraits of Mao Zedong, the divisive leader admired by many for standing up to outside powers.

divisive leader?!?!?

China may have problems controlling its people but no problem controlling AFP.

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The stark contrast strikes me as utterly ironic. All the shouting and rage, stones hauled and buildings and cars on fire everywhere in China. Meanwhile, Noda does a pretty decent job in simply doing nothing, while the everyday J-people never over-reacts, as if they don't care at all.

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JUst like Chins governement thought themselves able to engineer a "soft landing" for the economy (which hasn't worked) so they will find that once they have let the Nationalist genie out of the bottle it will be difficult to control it. I think we are a lot closer to some kind of shooting than is comfortable.

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they are playing with fire. one of these days the chinese people are going to figure out that corrupt officials are not acting in the national interest but their own.

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It is very possible for a new revolution and the current leaders to be put in prison and killed. The new rich will be targeted and the foreigners in China will be in trouble. The government of the PRC is playing with fire. As for the Chinese "fleet", the Japanese patrol ships are armed. However Japan wants China (both) to fire the first shot.

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China is promoting "Hate" behind the curtain. I cannot list all topics listed on China Daily. I read them every day.


China to offer fishing services off Diaoyu Islands

BEIJING - The Chinese fishery administration department will manage and provide services for fishing in waters near the Diaoyu Islands.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei made the comments at a regular press briefing on Monday afternoon.

The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands were China's inherent territory, he said. Their adjacent waters were under China's jurisdiction and were traditional fishing grounds for Chinese fishermen, Hong said.

He added that whether Chinese fishermen would go fishing after the off season and how many would go depended on local conditions and the weather situation.

These are the issues I demand to China to respect and honor lsted below.

1)Honor the 1961 Vienna International Relation Accord.

2)Denounce civil discorder while honoring the Right to Assembly in Free Speech.

What I have seen among Chinese demonstrations were nothing but riots and violence. That's not a Freedom of Speech in democracy. They are a CRIME. To my understanding, under a "Love of Country", these criminals are excused under the eyes of current Chinese laws. These criminals are not arrested and criminally tried in court of laws. That has to be changed.

3)China needs to recognize a change in society. Through the internet, we are globally connected. We see what's going on in China every moment. We can compile information from various websites and evaluate true political climate and motives of Beijing.

China is sending a negative image to global leaders. We do have a second thoughts about China. We are not moving into China, and/or we are moving out of China as there are too many risks involved. We can go elsewhere. 130 million population and the market is big, but it is not worth a risk. We can do better without China. Changes are coming from Washington and Tokyo. And many countries will probably following us.

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"Beijing seeks to balance anger and control in anti-Japanese protests"

Headline should read, "China shoots self in foot, decides government-instigated riots are not helping its own cause"

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Bring back the rioters!! Where did they go??

We were enjoying the lovely display of Chinese culture. Don't disappoint the world please - we've become accustomed to China's finest expression of herself - Give us what we've come to expect of you please!

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This situation could have been solved early on if China only offered to buy the islands from the private owner.

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China = displaced anger. The Chinese government is the puppet master. Maybe the Chinese government feels this is a healthy outlet for some of the latent anger its been sensing by its people toward its own government. You play with fire, you will get burned.

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The more I hear about the anti-Japanese demonstrations in China, the more I think it was the government and not the people who reared their ugly head over the Senkaku Islands issue.

It has been reported that the demonstrators received money from the government to participate ... and it was reported that the boat skippers who sailed toward the islands received a lot of money from the government to do so. And it was also reported that police along some demonstration routes supplied the demonstrators with pet bottles to throw at the Japanese targets.

It was written by a Chinese writer that fishermen along the Chinese coast are in dire straits due to a decline in fish (the result of overfishing and polluted coastal waters) and some have quit this profession and turned to other kinds of work for survival. So being desperate for work and money, the government offer to sail to the Senkakus provided them with a small financial bonus.

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You play with fire, you will get burned.

Here is a Datsu-A-Ron written by Yukichi Fukuzawa that needs to be re-evaluated in this time of crisis. This may sounds offensive to others, but I have a seconds thoughts about China.

Once the wind of Western civilization blows to the East, every blade of grass and every tree in the East follow what the Western wind brings... The spread of civilization is like the measles... In my view, these two countries [China and Korea] cannot survive as independent nations with the onslaught of Western civilization to the East... It is not different from the case of the righteous man living in a neighborhood of a town known for foolishness, lawlessness, atrocity, and heartlessness. His action is so rare that it is always buried under the ugliness of his neighbors' activities... We do not have time to wait for the enlightenment of our neighbors so that we can work together toward the development of Asia. It is better for us to leave the ranks of Asian nations and cast our lot with civilized nations of the West... Those [who] are intimate with bad friends are also regarded bad, therefore I will deny those bad Asian friends from my heart.

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Ah, the protests have quieted down. Must be getting close to the start of the communist party congress then....

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