Beijing wants APEC to push Chinese trade pact


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China makes sense, a trade pact for Asiana. A trade pact in Asia (TTP) without the Chinese on board, only promotes corporate America. You need a balance, competition, a fair playing field,otherwise the smaller countries in Asia suffer.

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APEC should tell China to shove off until such time as it stops all its aggressive terrotrial nionsense in the region.

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You need a balance, competition, a fair playing field

This is China, right? Where the yuan doesn't float freely, foreign companies are required to do stuff that Chinese companies aren't required in other countries (e.g. foreign companies have to set up joint company with local Chinese business, but foreign companies aren't allowed to own more than 49% of it yet required to share intellectual property secrets), where the Chinese government could suddenly on a whim just dictate an order while prior contracts be damned (e.g. suddenly shutting off exports of rare earth metals), and which will suck all the manufacturing jobs out of the other countries.. Oh yeah, that China.

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