Best G7 can do for global economy: Just don't make it worse


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"Mexico is going to pay for The Wall!"

"I will surround myself with all the best people!"

"Not paying taxes makes me smart!"

"I'm not Putin's Puppet, you're Putin's Puppet!"

"Trade wars are easy to win!"

"China will pay the tariffs, not the U.S.!"

Trying to negotiate with a dishonest idiot is at best problematic.

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waste of time and money. In the meantime the amazon is still burning. But they could at least enjoy a luxurious holiday and amazing food. Why do we continue to allow these mediocre people to run everything?

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This Summit of G7 for the global economy or something else? I wonder this Summit the world to be playing "poker" in their hands, looking right or left when France is between...That picture above, G7?

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Best G7 can do for global economy: Just don't make it worse

Just rewrite it as, "Best G7 can do for global economy: Take Trump's phone away for a week"

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Blah... blah... blah... Italy, France and who- cares... very small economies to really care what they think.

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Brazil has a bigger GDP than Italy, and India has a bigger GDP than France and the UK. So what exactly does the G7 represent?

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.....and South Korea has a bigger GDP than Russia.....

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No trade deal, no climate deal, no military deal, but Trump says next year's G7 meeting will be held at his property in Florida. What a waste of time.

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