Blinken, Austin arrive in Japan

By Humeyra Pamuk and Kiyoshi Takenaka

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Probably they departed from Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, D. C., and touched down in U.S. Yokota Air Base in Tokyo. Mancy Pelosi and former President Donald Trump used this same route when they visited or departed from Japan. Probably, they will use U.S. Usan Air Base near Seoul when they visit South Korea. 

They are hopping around U.S. bases all over the world. Very convenient, indeed. Well, what does it tell?

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High level talks are certainly required now that a certain neighbor has made it clear it wants to be top dog whatever it takes

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All these high ranking politicians, diplomats have a green light to travel.

But the poor citizens, victims of the above mentioned people policies, do not have the rights to travel even for business trips, or it is strictly restricted, and must obey quarantine measures. In most countries, governments deserve to be ousted by the voters when the next elections occur.

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No need of the 14-day mandatory quarantine... Good deal!

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The Air Force One carrying former U.S. President Donald Trump touched own in U.S. Yokota Air Base in Tokyo. Trump went directly to a golf course from there to play golf with former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Very convenient, indeed.

I'm asking what this will tell about the bilateral relations.

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Live very close to Roppongi Heli pad as they flew over my house in formation last night making their normal low flying high level noise instead of driving to town. Always a pain to all the neighbors.

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How far is the Roppongi Helipad from New Sanno Hotel, which is a U.S. military facility?

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