Biden, Asia-Pacific allies discuss Ukraine; plan Tokyo meeting in spring


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The Quad cannot even agree on issuing a statement censuring Russia's blatant invasion.

What a hopeless and pointless group.

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India will never go against Russia and it is not just due to the fact that it buys a lot of weapons from Russia.

There is bipartisan support in India for maintaining strong ties with Russia with the opposition supporting Modi governments decision to abstain from voting against Russia in the UN. Russia has in the past supported India numerous times by using it's veto power against meaningless UNSC resolutions on the Kashmir issue.

India should also realize that it will never be a part of the inner circle of US allies (read Anglosphere i.e. UK, Australia, Canada) and the exceptions that US makes for these countries or even for a NATO ally like Japan will never be made for India. The only reason US is courting India is because of its vast market which can act as a counterbalance to China to a certain extent. In case of any future skirmishes with China, India will mostly be on its own and the US might intervene diplomatically to some extent but it will not defend India militarily.

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Biden is delusional in NOT coupling China and Russia together to divert or reverse the course Putin has chosen in Ukraine.

Russia is the go to security sponsor for India, Vietnam, even NK, and many other countries. A weak Russia is a huge security risk (given China) to these countries.

Target China with Russia is a necessity.

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Target China with Russia is a necessity.

Great idea. Don't forget NK as well!

Let em keep coming, we'll take em all down with the nukes the US will (not) share with us.

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happyhereToday  07:12 am JST

What a hopeless and pointless group.

Only to a CPP supporter.

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India wants to continue her relationship with fascist Russia (and receiving nuclear weapons tech), refuses to condemn the attack on sovereign Ukraine - yet still be a member of QUAD? Why should any fellow QUAD member condemn any attacks upon India in future?

India are completely compromised, and are no longer compatible for QUAD Im afraid.

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India are completely compromised, and are no longer compatible for QUAD Im afraid.

I tend to agree with one caveat. An election is coming up soon and the BJP is widely reviled for their poor handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, economic conditions and in some regions their harshly discriminatory religious policies. They may find themselves voted out of power. I share the opinion that the current Indian leadership under Mr. Modi is incompatible with the values of the other members of the Quad (Modi is almost as bad as Putin and Xi) but let's see what the next election brings before giving them the boot.

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“Kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg.”

Farid Zacharia

Cut off Russia’s oil revenues. Increase oil production in the U.S., Venezuela, Iran, etc. It may get be distasteful to some but necessary to do when considering the alternative which is to let Putin and the Russian oligarchs shape the world the way they want to do.

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Increase oil production in the U.S., Venezuela, Iran,

Non starters. Both are under sanctions similar to those imposed on Russia. Those sanctions need to remain in place. Russia's oil is about 3% of the total US supply. It's not the huge big deal some make it out to be. But if the US decides to cut Russian energy sales off from the US Dollar the US might find it has more enemies than friends. That is the kind of move that does grave harm to a lot of other nations some of whom are friendly to the US. It will require planning and forethought, and the cooperation of the nations who will loose access to Russian oil and gas.

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Right now India is the weakest link of the Quad. Lets hope they can strengthen that link somehow.

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Europe needs to take care of this challenge now, no more waiting. They need to leave the old man in the Whitehouse in the dust. Biden is all talk and no action. The most spineless weak President in the history of the U.S.A.

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India is in Asia. And the future is to be allied with China and Russia. The EU will eventually emerge from beneath the shadow of the US and be enjoined to the Silk Road, along with Africa and the Middle East. The titular head of the US, a doddering fool, atop a disintegrating and doomed empire - is inept and incompetent.

30 years of aberrant US foreign policy in eastern Europe, finds its epigenesis in rolling up to the Russian border(s) with the US factotum, the obsolete NATO. It all comes home to roost.

Hardliners, such as Clinton, Nuland and Albright along with myriad NGOs, determined to undermine the collective interests of Russia and the European Union. The American Empire dependent on exclusivity and opposing cooperative alliances based on the fevered, fossilized imaginings of aged cold warriors. The eventuality of their policies, the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia. Russia considers the Ukraine in its sphere of influence. Similar to the US Monroe and Carter Doctrines.

One might examine US interference in sovereign states within its supposed sphere of influence. Troops amassed in Panama kidnapping the head of state. Deposing the president of Haiti. Supporting terrorists, the Contras in Nicaragua. Supporting a coupe in the Honduras during the Obama regime. Supporting mercenaries and attempting to topple the democratically elected head of state in Venezuela, while trying to install a puppet. 60 years of sanctions against Cuba. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Toppling of the Libyan government. The attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria. To name just a few examples.

Why would any support US aims in the Ukraine - which is rhetorical.

The US failed to enact timely diplomacy in order to stave off the invasion of the Ukraine, by Russia. Either intentionally or ineptly. NATO is a tool of the US and acts to serve US interests, not European aims.

India would do well to ally with China, India and all of Asia. The future is in Asia. China holds the keys.

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India is an non aligned country, legally the "Quad" has no binding like NATO does

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India will find itself further alienated from China and pushed towards alliance with the US and Russian crimes are going to speed that process up. No doubt that Russia has committed a huge error and even China distancing itself from Putin's actions after realizing that there is still unity and power in the EU/US alliance. Much more than it had counted on.

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No doubt that Russia has committed a huge error and even China distancing itself from Putin's actions after realizing that there is still unity and power in the EU/US alliance.

How has China distanced itself ?

Abstaining from voting is like voting against. A wise move by China which is thinking only about its interest.

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India would do well to ally with China, India and all of Asia. The future is in Asia. China holds the keys.

Certainly, ASEAN is well and truly sleeping under red bed sheet now, the middle east has pivotted to China and Russia also, even the Saudis can't trust US of A anymore. Europe is a cesspool of corporate self interest and copy cat kleptocracy and rent seekers. Schroeder appointed chair of Nord 2 and not a peep out of the freeworld.

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India is in Asia. And the future is to be allied with China and Russia.

A statement like that completely ignores the fact that India and China are mortal enemies with unresolved territorial disputes who are competing intensely in the military and economic spheres. Stating the future is for India to be allied with China is risible. Likewise the relationship between Russia and China. China considers much of the Russian Far East to be legitimately Chinese territory taken from them by the Russians. Russia once controlled northern China all the way down to Harbin and Dalian. But China claims that before Russia expanded to the east much of Siberia was part of China and rightfully belongs to them now.

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How has China distanced itself ?




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I have to agree, sadly. I really was hoping for some decisive action against China.


Facts are facts even if you hate them. QUAD has failed to be anything other that nationalist pandering to the Japanese far-right. I still remember when all the Japanese right-wingers were criticizing SK just because SK said it was skeptical that QUAD could contain China (And Russia). Looks like the Koreans were correct.

An effective economic sanction against China (And Russia) would entail total worldwide corporation boycotts against China - Ex. Make Apple manufacture their products elsewhere. Stop buying from Chinese suppliers. As this goes against many company's profit-maximization goals, I doubt the US government would be willing to go that far to contain China. Just look at how the most anti-China president, Trump, excluded Apple from import tariffs from China.

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