Biden to host Japan, South Korea leaders for Aug 18 summit at Camp David


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At Camp David, a storied presidential retreat in the mountains of western Maryland, the three leaders will "advance a shared trilateral vision for addressing global and regional security challenges, promoting a rules-based international order, and bolstering economic prosperity," Jean-Pierre said.

The good old Trilateral Commission. Now updated for 2023 with new rules-based orders!

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Talking about the same old fail policies

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Kishida A380 off on another trip. Does he do any work in Japan at all?

-6 ( +11 / -17 )

lets hope that sushi will be good no any good outcome from this is expected...

-14 ( +5 / -19 )

fact checker beat me to it. Kishida has absolutely no interest in staying in Japan to take care of the country. He just loves to go anywhere else. No wonder he's so low in the polls.

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Such a slew of simpleminded comments about a meeting of the elected leaders of very significant nations. The US-JPN-SK alliance is clearly continuing to evolve further in the right direction the face of continued threats from the autocracies.

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Ossan Oh, please. We all know that foreign relations are important. It's just that Kishida doesn't know that Japan is important, too. He has basically given up on the people of Japan, and just goes off anywhere anytime he can.

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The relationship between these three countries is as important to peace and stability in the Far East as NATO is to the North Atlantic. It is unfortunate that we have to be concerned about aggression from Xi, Kim, and Putin, but that is just the way things are.

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Anyone thinking South Korea is going to be tied into a trilateral security agreement needs to have their head examined. Yoon is as hawkish and pro-Japanese as they come and he's only around for a few more years.

O-bon season is just around the corner. We all know where some LDP officials like to visit and donate to.

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Biden is worthless….can’t even keep a conversation

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What this calls for is a little ‘karaoke diplomacy’.

Lock the 3 of them up in a karaoke box for a few hours.

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1glenn, neither of countries could put down a internal insurrection in the US ,their alliance is useless,maybe they can tell stories at the campfire ,while roasting marshmallows,while American are roasting with high electric bill

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Bill LewisToday  08:26 am JST

Ossan Oh, please. We all know that foreign relations are important. It's just that Kishida doesn't know that Japan is important, too.

Oh please. Without security for Japan and the region first, there is no Japan.

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I really doubt if there will be anything new , China and N. Korea are on track to reach there goals and there is little that can be done now IT's TOO LATE , if you can't beat them start talking. Peace is PRECIOUS guys.

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

kishida obeying to his master to prepare the next WAR.

-12 ( +4 / -16 )

Looking forward to the Gaffs as Biden gets lost in translations after a few Suntory moments. Impeach inquiry coming up for Biden. Corrupt the whole lot of them in the U.S Right and Left Red and Blue. Time for the American people to take its's government back! Flush the toilet in Washington. Bring back integrity and respect on the global stage.

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Humdinger GobbledygookToday  08:56 am JST

Such a slew of simpleminded comments about a meeting of the elected leaders of very significant nations.

I think it's because Biden is rather insignificant these days.

Pres Biden has reversed the damage that his predecessor caused. NATO, the US alliances with JPN, SK AUSTR are better than ever before. The POTUS today is far more significant in positive ways, whereas his predecessor was very significant in negative ways.

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Asian NATO, ATM, tax increases and destruction of our countries.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

USA is being ask to leave Asia like all old christian forces for their crimes. Biden is really in bad shape. He manipulated justice to do politic against republicans and Trump. Lied to world. Put a world at war, and created mass death in elite that let us see USA strategy under him. He put USA union so back in time, that the federation might break up as the first economic major glitch. They build europe as fast as possible, because USA is expected to fall very soon. There is no « several christian power » to rule the world. They are replacing USA by Europe.

He needs to show his military influence. Trump wanted to reunite north and south Asia to repair colonisation damage. Biden need Asia to be broken in two to keep his military influence. Democrate have little power inside america without the democrate colonial empire. My real question is about republican real intent to leave the world alone. They are known to double gang.

The future of Japan is to be at peace with the north and have normal diplomatic relationships. Evolving. Japan can bet on Pacific rim. But there is a lack of power and development toward the sea. The next step is to free Hawai from USA so the Pacific can rebuild is original genocide identity. The main problem to the saving of Pacific will be Hawai and Australia.

Christian have butchered their way on the planet. And they have kept doing it while promising humanity, liberty for all, and equality for all race and religion. They lied. So now… they are expected to leave toward America.

Biden need military influence not using directly the ASEAN because we suspect USA democrat to have build it with forbidden forceps. USA is not a member of Pacific or Asia. This is a colon. And colon are bad men. Monstruous men. This didn’t change at all after all.

You need to stop thinking your leaders are worse than USA. USA or England just made them worse to save you and win a larger empire. That’s the result of last investigation on christian colonisation. They had promised they change. Apparently, they didn’t and admit it since this is their God will apparently and we were all savage (any people without a kind blood pass on but the eldest son blondine, unless you are a noble, you are still a savage apparently). Insane what is hiding in anglican europe and anglican america (international democrat side of USA).

France is an Indépendant side country, with a bit of democat and republican. She major in republican because the opposing side is monarchy (archaic king). Biden is a undeclared monarchist. Under him, monarchist in Korea have taken roots back. Indépendant are nothing against a true emperor or a true God. We tend to be strong believer in nature power. But our kings were butchers treating us like animals, and raping our wife, daughters, sons, husband, killing our parent to have a bigger cut in food without having to work. In France, we had the true face of a man in power with a god and the stronger weapon in hand. We were reduce in claver to a few rich lord who treated us like machinas. Saint were our kings. They made themselves passed for saints. And today they are no more.

This is what is hidden from the public in Europe. I don’t know in Japan. But Biden is lying to his own people. So your leaders ? He is from the slavering america who regretted segregation ending and enfonce it as long as humanly possible. Democrat military in charge of Asia security, this is insane and irrational. They are the racist core of America manipulating children. Racist in Europe come from the english and nordic kings. They are at war against the mediterranean people who are not white enough. They renforce the global warming to make their little sea the new center of power. Hidden for the middle world. When you know their ego intent and the money they have access to, and analyse the world problem and lack of result for helping massive the people in need, you tie the knot a bit too well to ignore those strange theory.

Your prime minister will love this intelligence and a warning to be careful with Biden. He is not nice. He is a military colon.

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How about , inviting the Leader of China, and of North Korea to meeting too. Maybe some good can come of it?

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Biden to host Japan, South Korea leaders for Aug 18 summit at Camp David

Biden couldn't host a rash.

And this is Kishida wearing his best uncomfortable a f expression,

but at the same time glad to book a date 'the hell outta Dodge.

And the Korean dude's arms appear to be unnaturally paper thin.

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