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Biden to lay out who's joining new Asia trade pact


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The fact that the United States will grow faster that China this year

Complete utter rubbish and fake news

I you believe that then think again !

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Critics say the framework has gaping shortcomings

Absolutely correct.

This only benefits the USA

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Time to freeze out the bad boyz.

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Modi is the wisest leader...

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The world made China what it is today, believing the "Peaceful Rise" lie. The world knows now that China has aspirations of greatness at the expense of other nations, The world will not help you anymore. Maybe Russia will, if they could afford it.

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"The fact that the United States will grow faster than China this year, for the first time since 1976, is a quite striking example of how countries in this region should be looking at the question of trends and trajectories," said White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan."

Economics can be confusing... in Capitalism, does RECESSION somehow mean 'growth'? 'Growing in a different direction' maybe, such as debt? All of the 'experts' (none of whom seem to be rich) are saying that a 'recession' seems the most likely U.S. financial future in the immediate term... and don't inflation and rising interest rates signal a slowing economy? And what difference does it really make for us dumb slugs who just work to make the rich richer? It sounds like President Bidet is just doing his 'salesman' job going around visiting the marks, shaking hands, making empty promises, knocking the competition, and offering nothing of any real value except PR for him. What a waste of jet fuel, other people's time, and Japanese police overtime...(18,000 ? JT, May 20 10:39 am JST)

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projecting U.S. GDP growth at about 2.8% in 2022 compared to 2% for China

last quarter was a negative GDP how do they expect +2.8% for the year?

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Biden placed his hand over his heart as he passed that American flag, and bowed slightly as he passed the Japanese standard.

Neo-lberal colonial gestures to their vassals. Which include not only the LDP but the American people paying for this pointless demonstration in the wake of the latest Neo-liberal disaster capitalism effort, the Ukraine conflict.

Those 18,000 police collecting salaries for their gestures herding the commuting populace must feel great though!

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So Taiwan wanted to join too.

why can’t they join it Biden is really the one selecting the members?!

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Not simple! You are TokyoLiving in Japan so You do not know what the People of Taiwan really want. You never lived in Taiwan so, you should not speak on what you don’t know. You always LOOLOOL too often, too easy with your simple ways.

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Deep BaoToday  01:09 pm JST

Not simple! You are TokyoLiving in Japan so You do not know what the People of Taiwan really want. You never lived in Taiwan so, you should not speak on what you don’t know

You don’t need to live somewhere to know what people want and also the reverse is true, even if you live there does not mean you know what people want.

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Setting up the Pacific equivalent of NATO. Who's the expansionist now?

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These trade pacts just benefits big corporations and the rich.

Looking forward to watching Joe read the 12 names without making a mistake.

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Looking forward to watching Joe read the 12 names without making a mistake.

well at least he can read the names and not go off on a self indulging incoherent rant like the last guy

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Who's the expansionist now?

Given China, the US/West and the Russian Federation, currently the globe's three leading empires, each practice different forms of predatory capitalism, each is an expansionist. Predatory capitalists are like viruses, maybe cancer cells, it's expand or fade away, maybe die. The benefits of expansion in each empire go to their wealthiest, their ruling elites, the rest of us might just be able to breathe the fumes of what the fossils leave behind and be trickled down on. And we might be asked to fight their wars for them, no more wars for territory so some elites can say this is mine.

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China has made China what it is today. Not the world.

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I always say that Washington is untrustworthy but the Democrats are much less trustworthy than the Republicans. Blinken's face says it all!

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Lets be honest, He said he wants a better supply chain when in Seoul, he wants better trade in Tokyo. That is only half the truth, what he wants is, as long as it excludes China, whether its better/more robust/more efficient does not matter. Lets be honest again, if you sincerely wants it better/more robust/more efficient, don't you have to include China? Number one in supply chain/number 2 economy??

Don't waste time, others too. You are a sovereign country, so, free to do want you want. Others are also/should be free too?? For the USA, others, maybe not. There is a reason why SANCTION, is their number one tool.

To get countries to follow it, 1st maintains a false high moral ground, 2nd, sanctions/arm twisting?

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This entire article is just a bucket of propaganda garnished with some total lies courtesy of neo-con ultra Jake Sullivan.

At least Biden remembered Kishida's name; he called Yoon "Mr Moon" the other day.

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Strong powers like Russia and China who do not cooperate with the globalists New World Order aka Great Reset agenda are isolated to render them inconsequential. Russia was provoked to attack Ukraine so that the world will isolate Russia. This quad agenda is also doing the same to China - isolate China to make her inconsequential. The objective is to usher the world to a one world economy and government. This will be the final world empire before the King of Kings returns and rule the earth in his millennial kingdom.

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The fact that the United States will grow faster that China this year

Bloomberg research predicts USA to grow 2.7% vs China to grow 2% this year.... there is a caveat though, these predictions does change depending on how events work out (i.e. China's zero policy changes if any etc..) so its better to wait till the end of 2022 to really be sure whether USA did grow faster

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More neo lib nonsense that only helps the rich and famous. Biden and his cabal really are going back to the future.

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