BOJ policymakers divided over extra stimulus


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The good governor looks like he's about to have a seizure. Come on Japan, time to give way to the younger generation.

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This guy looks like he should be in a retirement home having his nappy changed, not controlling the countries money.

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I recall the article just after Kuroda's sudden and unexpected stimulus that asked whether in a decade he would be considered a genius or mad man, and... well... it's been less than two months and already his request for companies to pass on their massive windfalls has fallen on deaf ears, and he's in danger of being the first head of the BOJ to lose votes on initiatives he starts/backs. Even among his ranks there is infighting about tripling down on a bad bet. So, I guess we know the answer to how he'll be seen, in a few months -- not ten years.

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Personally hand picked by Abe san, with the world and his wife balanced on his shoulders he looks like he could benefit from some extra stimulus.

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Look at that doofus Kuroda: out of his depth and blundering around without a clue. Our salaries will be static for the next three years. There will be no extra demand from us: if prices go up the quantity sold will fall, it's as simple as that.

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Abe san not only handed BOJ chief Haruhiko Kuroda a poison chalice he persuaded him to drink from it. Hand picked sums up his ability to make decisions without political interference.

Kuroda san displays all the body language of the hapless fall guy on his way to the gallows the LDP are hastily constructing for him after the election.

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The BOJ chief Mr. Kuroda should study economics more and more. His policy is not appropriate for the present Japanese economy.

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BOJ Kuroda is overplaying his hand, BOJ has to admit it cannot single handedly resolve Japan economic & structural malaise. Demographics & cultural issues in homogeneous Japan are issues of government & Japanese people, not BOJ. If you keep pumping more and more steroid into an old man, forcing him to run faster and faster...he is going to facture his legs or died of heart attack in due time. Cool down after some steroid and enjoy using some of your savings, viewing the cherry blossoms & autumn leaves.

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