BOJ's Kiuchi warns of rising overseas risks to Japan's economic recovery

By Leika Kihara

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Already setting up to play the blame game for Abe's possible failures.

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Japan is not alone, developed world economies have underlying problems separate from undeveloped but not disconected.

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Well....another excuse for the J companies to justify not raising wages has just been served ....if they ever really need one.

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Sounds as if Kiuchi is trying to save face for Abe. If something economical collapses here, it seems that something that happened overseas gets the blame. When the economic bubble burst here in Japan while Abe's LDP people were in charge, the so-called "Lehman shock" got the blame. Now with Abe and his cronies again in power and saying that the economy is improving, we're given another overseas "shocker" in the form of slow growth in other major countries.

I wish Abenomics would get its stuff in order 'cause I'm losing money ... as are others living here, I'm sure. I just found out I'm facing another Social Security cut in my paycheck beginning very shortly. With prices rising everywhere thanks to Abenomics, things are going to get tighter even more ...

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Well said Edojin...

How can core consumer prices have gone up only 0.7%? I have seen prices going up 5%-25% on many items.I spend an extra 4000 yen on petrol every month (petrol from 130 now 158) and that's not my wife's car included,utility has gone up by 23% if I'm not wrong. So by saying that we still haven't reached the 2% target they want to go up even more.How can it be better if I spend more but get less? Better for the companies they mean!

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Rising overseas risks to Japan's economic recovery:

Politicians overseas are mostly NOT poorly educated aging dinosaurs and are more in touch with what is going on at home and abroad. Business leaders overseas are mostly held accountable for their failures and the crimes they commit. Basic human rights of foreign residents who prop up economies exist overseas, the same as for their native counterparts. Governments, world bodies and mass media overseas criticize Japan's lack of economic foresight and planning and ineffective diplomacy. Overseas, states generally face up to history and have cordial relations with their neighbors. Overseas state pension operators recognize the importance of protecting their pension systems by increasing the retirement age and making adjustments to ensure future generations are not crippled by rising pension costs and wholly inept economic planning by their parents' generations. Companies, associations, and groups operate in freer market conditions and are not subsidized and protected by central government resulting in freer trade and lower prices for consumers. Journalists, citizens, pressure groups and others routinely criticize, publicize and hold accountable those in office public and private who are useless, corrupt, ineffective etc.

Do we have to go on?

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Mataka sounds like he is a banker.

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The USA, the wealthiest country in the world, has been in the economic doldrums sine 2008 as has the EU. Barack Obama, possibly the worst president the US has ever had, has done nothing to advance its economy since then. The US does nothing but lurch from crisis to crisis. At present the USA and the EU are a drag on the world economy.

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Using external factor as an excuse for Japan slowdown is lame. Look internally first, drop the sale tax hike but increase Corporate tax, not the other way round, PERIOD!

If you tell the Governor of BOJ to do this, then recovery is on the way!

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"… and said maintaining the stimulus for too long or increasing it could sow the seed of fiscal imbalances."

The seeds were sown when QE began. Now, it's late summer and the harvest is not long off. Gonna reap the bitter fruits of financial foolishness right soon.

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