Bolton meets Japanese officials to discuss Iran, South Korea


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It's a love fest beyeeen rightists.

The best thing the Japanese could do is to stay out of Donny's self-inflicted problems.

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If America want Japan’s collaborations on the plethora of global challenges they are facing, they

should in return understand and respect Japan’s concerns.

Do what an ally should do, stay out the south korea issue. Japan isn’t even asking for your help, just stay out.

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The Great Satan, at it again. This time trying to tempt or threaten Japan.

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Bolton is bad news. Japan would be very wise to not agree to anything he has to say or offer.

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Japan should not join the coalition as Trump may start unnecessary war there. Better not get involved. Japan and US must be allies for national security for peace in the Pacific.

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He who sups with the Devil should have a long spoon. (14th century proverb)

I think that the Japanese and any other country thinking of supping with the likes of Bolton should have a very long spoon indeed.

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North Korea just unveiled the photo of Kim Jong Un inspecting the Shinpo class SLBM submarine.

Kim says it will be deployed near Japan.

As of now, Japan is the only regional power without SLBM submarines and accompanying SLBM(Sub Launched Ballistic Missile), as the ROK launched its SLBM submarine earlier this year.


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As Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif put it, "There'd be no need for any 'safeguarding of shipping' if the US simply abided by international law."

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"As of now, Japan is the only regional power without SLBM submarines and accompanying SLBM(Sub Launched Ballistic Missile"

Because they don't need one; yet!



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Bolton demanding Japanese support for an attack on Iran.

Stay out Japan, let the US do it alone.

Abe, you report to your voters not the US.

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Bolton has only idea to fix all problems. Invade or Nuke them into submission

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The whole situation is looking more and more like a powder keg waiting to explode and people like U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton are just there to light the fuse.

Japan should be wise and maintain a wait and see approach while keeping its head cool.

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I remember years back the great john pilger interviewing bolton, the interview ends with bolton asking pilger if hes a communist. scary beaver.

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