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Britain and Japan agree on joint defense projects


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"God save the Queen" and "Kimigayo" working together in military technology is a sound tactical or geopolitical move by Great Britain (GB) and a way out for Britain's financial debts, but all with too outdated technology ! This military cooperation is not so important for Japan's future as is the common free market between Japan, Korea and China, in which harmony and peace are much more important then useless military weapons... The same reasoning goes for those expensive and useless US military bases in Okinawa... If the "Emperor's Reign" is still considering military weapons for the next 8000 generations (until the moss grows on it...), better seek advanced rocket technology from USA, Russia or China and better look for a Common East Asian military force (like a common European military force as with France, Germany and GB). The best protection for Japan against Kim's North Korea, is cooperation with South Korea and China, and trying to solve the problems by kicking out the geopolitics of the USA in East-Asia and promoting reunification of the 2 Koreas (by getting those US military bases also out of South Korea) !

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Well I can see what the pasty tax is going to be spent on.

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They are going to have to agree on the spelling of "defence" first! ;)

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First and foremost, why was there a ban in a first place, (WWII spewing crap heads please stand by for a moment and read thru current events)…Does props, submarines, and technology, and the illegal trading of technology from the Sogo-shosha back in the 80’s come to mind? Do you think the system has changed? What safe guards are in place currently for transfer of such technology? Some to none? Should I talk more technical? What? Yeah, another secret handshake newbie trying to make a buck on the open market. Clown Show on Parade Spiff boyzzzzz and the Chambers...The good news is that Lindsey’s killer was denied. Don’t think so? Boy? Time check on the pilot house, mark time…check complete…Hold all trash and garbage on station and damn them for parking the article behind fluff....

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