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Britain, Japan to reach new defense, technology agreement


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Makes total sense, just like Russia and China collaborating, that's what allies do.

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Sunak will also host a reception of business leaders as he looks to promote investment in Britain during his first visit to Japan since taking office last October.

Getting harder to do now Britain affords no special access to the EU and represents a sinking market itself, unless the investors are catering to the super rich for which London vies with places like Dubai for their dosh. It won't be long before the average household in Slovenia will be richer than the UK and Poland will also overtake the UK on that measure too soonish.

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China only cares about China and will turn on a 1 yuan coin.

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Moonraker wants us to believe the 'Project Fear' scenario which has been comprehensively disproved. How's your precious EU market doing these days? The real sinking market IS the EU.

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Sunak is desperate!

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as the car industry will be dead soon in Japan, the military industry will grow up. sad end for Japan.

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Well, it is hard to see the UK as a success after over a decade of Tory incompetence and since Brexit. All the promises of sunlit uplands and unicorns for everyone has clearly not come true. Even the extra money for the NHS has been a lie. And now the bonfire of EU legislation has been put on hold because even the incompetent Tories - except for the true-believer nuts, like Rees-Mogg and other assorted non-entities - can see it won't work. Still, the UK needs investment for sure, but new management all round would be better. The country can't even get soldiers to march in time at a once-in-a-lifetime event, it looks like.

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Good move. The two island nations, each situated on either end of the Eurasian continent, may become a crucial counterbalance against the Russo-Chinese continental alliance.

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Lots of money to be made by the elites. Meanwhile, as always, the peasants celebrate.

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indigoToday  05:19 pm JST

as the car industry will be dead soon in Japan, the military industry will grow up. sad end for Japan.

The Japanese car industry has been here and will be here for a long long time, because nobody in their right minds trusts cars made in your country.

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Hard to argue with this: 57% of the country now believes leaving the EU was an error. A total of 43% think it was a good decision, numbers announced by Sir John Curtice, president of the British Polling Council, reveal. Talk about buyer's remorse. Something must be prompting this change of mind. And the Tories are toast in the next election even with an uninspiring Labour opposition.

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Guess in Russian or Chinese media, this would also be called weapons proliferation.

Easy to understand why China, Russia and many others see no reason to change course.

South Africa exporting arms to Russia, no different than South Korea doing so to Ukraine.

Certainly, Iran and NK anxious to share weapons tech with China, Russia, etc.

Lots of hypocrisy out there or 'rigged markets', take your pick!

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Case of UK economies technically not growing, would be negative but not for huge deficit spending, taxes up, inflation over 10% most recent print, stagflation, real nightmare.

Japan, less bad but not good, simply BOJ money printer buying all assets, but longer term far worse due to demographic collapse, culture capture and China exposure.

In other words, good fit, as both desperate and the wheels are coming off!

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In UK right now and there is inflation but a bit of of targeted shopping sees a large mouthwash at 80 yen and canned dessert the same, large brown bread 200 yen etc

Big sizes and no tax on food

Much less than Japan

That aside, it will have been well noted by the Japanese that Storm Shadow missiles have devastated Russian forces -expect a large Japanese order soon…..

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In Winston Churchill’s memoirs, he stated that Japan and Britain were alike in many ways. Both are island nations, both understand the value of the navy and both are located near major continental powers. Thus, it makes sense that Japan and Britain can relate to one another and understand the other’s situation.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak premiership and cabinet politically could be running on empty.

Sunak leadership fails the first run on the ladder, any political mandate or authority granted through election of the people.

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Rishi Sunak has been running on an empty tank since he was elected leader. Corrupt and devoid of principles. If a General Election was held today, he would lose.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

No Rishi Sunak is/was appointed by the parliamentary party, not by the conservative membership, or the electorate.

It shows, and continues to be a toxic dysfunctional distraction.

The most economic and fiscally illiterate is Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt.

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Good for Japan, good for the UK - and good for democracy.

The UK increasingly sees itself as being part of Asia, as seen by them joining the the CPTPP, and increasing their military in the Asian region through pacts like AUKUS. This can only be a good thing in helping defend the region from totalitarian regimes - which sadly have been inflicted upon Asia making it such an incredibly dangerous part of the world.

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Rishi Sunak new defense, technology agreement has to be fully ratified by parliament or the whole policy is in danger of failing into a abyss that could embarrass the Government.

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It's a no brainer !

Collaborator with other G7 counties.

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It won't be long before the average household in Slovenia will be richer than the UK

It's already a nicer place to live. And I loved England. But Slovenia is safer, cleaner, and far more pleasant than much of the urban UK. Yes, there's far more money in the UK, but life is far more pleasant in Slovenia.

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Today  05:19 pm JST

as the car industry will be dead soon in Japan, the military industry will grow up. sad end for Japan.

Is this a game of opposites? What are you talking about ?

Japan's auto industry is doing just fine

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Brits can't afford Toyotas? They make more cars than any other company.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Japan's auto industry is doing very nicely, and gives the best value for money and best quality in the world. But Japan is behind when it comes to EVs. The problem for Japan is that the EU will only permit the sale of new EVs in the EU, with no gasoline engines or hybrids permitted, from 2035. Others will soon make similar announcements. This will be the real test for Japan. The market leaders are mainly in the US, China and Europe, with only 2 Japanese manufacturers in the top 15, so Japan has to really catch up.


Quite right for the Japanese to be cooperating with friendly powers in more areas, including defense.

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A quick look suggests this barely registered as news in the UK.

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Japan should ignore UK/NATO Ukraina -Russia agression and NATO have no place in Japan or the Pacific

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Japan agrees to share the secret of the fax machine to Brexit Britain. Brexit Britain lives in the false belief they are part of the Asia Pacific. A win-win situation!

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Tis folly to be wise!

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and another, more competent, government will be able to take advantage of the freedoms it gives us

I don't recall the freedoms I didn't have when in the EU. I know I have lost a few since Brexit. Can you elaborate?

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Ok , we get the weapons contracts we don't want here.

When do we start to see the promised trade deal with the UK, which will give us crisps that taste of more than consomme, or some proper cheese, bacon and lamb?

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That aside, it will have been well noted by the Japanese that Storm Shadow missiles have devastated Russian forces -expect a large Japanese order soon…..

Probably not. Japan is already has their own supersonic equivalent, ASM-3 with a 200km range, in service and an extended range version, ASM-3A to have a 400km range, in development.

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Japan is also integrating AGM-184 JASSM on their F-15 fleet. JASSM is analogous to Storm Shadow but has more than twice the range.

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The British Empire expired a long time ago. Nothing more than a misguided attempt to turn back time. The UK economy is a shambles - chronic inflation, the middle classes queuing at food banks, energy costs through the roof, pensioners freezing - but the top hatted masters in London live a in parallel universe in which they still rule the waves.

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It would be beneficial for Japan to be able to cooperate with the UK, so I would like to see it promoted in other fields as well.

I would also like to welcome the UK's participation in the TPP.

Koreans are delusional about the destruction of Japan's automobile industry, the destruction of the semiconductor industry, and the destruction of Japan.

Some countries are trying to introduce electric vehicles to curb the sales of Japanese cars, but the infrastructure has not caught up, and the battery has caught fire and has become a cremation car.

Many people buy an electric car as a second car, but for the majority of people, the gasoline car will continue to be their main car.

In a country where the government continues to promote electric vehicles, public opposition is inevitable.

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In Europe, and in the UK, the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will be banned in 2030.

Japan can continue making whatever cars wants to make, but they will not be exported to Europe, or UK.

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