Busy agenda faces Abe as Diet session gets under way


The Diet on Monday convened in the shadow of the ongoing hostage crisis in the Middle East.

The killing of one Japanese hostage by Islamic State and the unknown fate of a second hostage is expected to push national security to the forefront for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The ruling Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) and its junior coalition partner, the Komeito Party, hope to submit around 70 bills during the 150-day session which ends on June 24.

Top items on the agenda are likely to be a bill on the contentious issue of reinterpreting the constitution in order to allow Japan the right of collective self-defense, legalizing casinos in Japan, regional economic revitalization, agricultural reform, promoting women’s participation in society and Japan's nuclear power policy, specifically whether to restart nuclear reactors.

Opposition parties have already indicated they will give the government a hard time on the issue of reinterpreting the constitution. The Diet session will be the first opportunity for newly elected Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) leader Katsuya Okada to debate Abe.

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Reinterpret the constitution? Think there might be bigger problems to resolve first...although a reinterpretation might inpower the constitution to allow a Kamakzi squad made up of top politicians and their off spring to attack those they deem enemy's. After some thought that will never happen but I do have a small boy down the street who is really interested in planes, he might do it if compelled.

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Is this why the massive publicity for the ISIS killing?

To create a sense of "dangerous environment" so that Benito Abe can rewrite the constitution?

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Watch out for what comes down about education and education funding.

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It was done before so I have no illusions that it could happen again....

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I like casinos , they would kill those patchinko places for the better. Then about constitution, so sorry they think they can again dominate others military. No one has forgotten what Japanese are able to commit to, and this has not changed much. Nuclear is about common sense and democracy, you cannot be right alone so either you persuade majority or stop believing in something will bring controversy forever.

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Let us wish the Prime Minister of Japan all the best in his new term and face challenges and threats from terrorists

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Busy "agenda" faces Abe as Diet session gets under way. "Agenda" lol, you got that right?

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