Cabinet to approve SDF dispatch to Middle East on Dec 23


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re Article: the importance of ensuring the safety of navigation for Japan-related vessels operating in the Middle East and stipulates the dispatch of a helicopter carrier and patrol aircraft as well as some 250 SDF personnel to boost Japan's intelligence gathering in the region. In the event of emergencies, the draft said "the SDF will engage in maritime policing action, based on Article 82 of the SDF law", which stipulates that troops may take necessary actions at sea to safeguard Japanese lives and property. The government told an LDP meeting that it is arranging for the helicopter-carrying destroyer to be refueled at Salalah port in Oman. Operations in the area, including drills, will start later this month and an LDP meeting that is arranging for the helicopter-carrying destroyer to be refueled at Salalah port in Oman. The draft leaves room for individual cases in which foreign vessels may also be protected by the SDF. Sending SDF personnel overseas is a sensitive issue in Japan as entanglement in a foreign conflict could violate the country's war-renouncing Constitution.

This action alone from the article is already violating the country's Constitution. If and I repeat this is an operation as mentioned then it is of military and not civilian nature. Also if they are going to use military foreign nation hospitals vs local hospitals this is clearly a military operation and in clear violation of the Constitution that the LDP is pressing with against the people will. Seriously there have been that many anti-pirate attacks leading to bodily Japanese lives and threats aside the 1 that was mentioned highly by the media?

The Article 82 SDF law is not the Constitution, let's be very clear about that so that there is no confusion. Why is Japan seeking Ports at a foreign nation when it can be done at sea? And why are drills are part of a intelligence gathering mission but yet it is Operational. hmmm. Some very fancy word twisting going on and lots of elbows bending. Sorry but Japan or rather Abe and the LDP is fully outside the lanes of the Constitution.

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SDF is there to provoke mess and by consequence war.

no authority for military action or sabotage!

violating the country's war-renouncing Constitution. STOP!

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LDP have no inhibition regards the constitution. What these old men want trump any legal constraints. Suppringly they don't have an underling following them with a paper shredder. Whoops might have given them an idea, that would be a first of couse.

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I can't help feeling that Japan is getting out of it's depth here.

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Wise decision by the Abe Cabinet. Protecting Japanese lives, trade, and Rule of Law.

LDP have no inhibition regards the constitution.

This is not violation of the Constitution, make no mistake, since the mission is of self defense, not aggression.

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This is not violation of the Constitution, make no mistake, since the mission is of self defense, not aggression.

One case does not constitute this behavior by the Abe or Diet to pursue this course of action. Using Article 82 of the SDF law is not the Constitution. Just fancy twist of words to justice aggressive means in the guise of defense. There is no attack warranted either to go out of the waters of Japan looking for trouble. The articles and Constitution in the name of defense were intended for body of waters of Japan, not out there in International waters clearly thousands of miles away.

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Unnecessary violation of others sovereignty to please Western friends.

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Japan had 2 of its ships be hit in the middle east. At what point do you intervene to protect your interest to protect your people.

Even S. Korea has plans to send ships to the Middle East to protect its citizens and interest... But Japan you don't do it. Your not allowed.

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What is there in middle East for Japan ?? Any islands to claim ??

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"What is there in middle East for Japan ?? "

Oil and natural gas.

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The JSDF is obligated to protect Japan, it's people and property. The latter two have come under attack in the middle east by yet to be positively identified adversaries. Attacks on oil tankers also pose an enormous risk of oil spillage as well. Japan is correct in sending the JMSDF to provide protection to Japanese owned and controlled commercial tanker tonnage. The gathering of intelligence and information naturally is crucial for the prevention of any potential attacks as well as providing valuable information to allied vessels in the region, even if Japan is not part of the "coalition".

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Before we proceed further:

Look, you Japanese critics (e.g. rgcivilian1), you can't have it both ways. Either the Constitution blocks the option to send a few escort ships to protect their own shipping in a dangerous zone or it doesn't. If it doesn't, then maybe Abe doesn't need to change the Constitution but then there is no cause for complaint here.

If it is, then it is very difficult to argue that not having even that limited discretion is an acceptable situation for a major (over 100 million population) nation-state, so you should not be complaining about Abe's attempts to amend the Constitution.

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