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Campbell: U.S.-Japan pact vital in changing Asia


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In my opinion a strategic pact should be made with China & other Asean countries! I believe the US wants to control the whole world and is interested in maintaining bases in Japan and yet,expects Japan to subsidize their presence. Currently I don't believe any country is planning to attack Japan and this includes North Korea.

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Japan should keep a balance of power without decline to US side without letting the doors opened with China.

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If it is so important why do the Japanese need reminded? They're in asia, we're not..

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I have been told this flat out in the States, but things get weird as it approaches Tokyo.

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If Japan is that important as an ally, kill the 2006 US Bases Agreement, and renegotiate. It won't happen because a major reason Japan is important to the US is because of the bases. Whatever agreement that can be engendered after the bases is secondary.

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“It is critical for this generation of American policymakers to in no way take Japan for granted,” (he added).

Japan is the region's most reliable partner-- but the Japanese can do more by being firm with multilateral frameworks and utilizing regionalist platforms like ASEAN, not just in trade and finance but also diplomacy as well.

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The US-Japan pact is important. Japan is America's most loyal protectorate, and Japan will continue to be a U.S. dependent for many decades to come.

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The US - Japan partnership is the most important one in the world, not just in Asia.

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